CCT Eligible Activities

Your Co-Curricular Transcript (CCT) tracks certain outside-the-classroom activities that are related to your education at BMCC. Here are some guidelines about what does and does not count as a CCT activity:

  • On and off-campus jobs and internships are not CCT approved items.
  • CCT is for items NOT reflected on an academic transcript.  Example: Dean’s list is reflected on an academic transcript.)
  • Programs/research projects that are for academic credit are not CCT approved items.
  • Academic or admissions based programs are not CCT approved items.
  • Club members must attend six (6) club meetings per semester to get CCT credit. (Based on club attendance sheets)
  • Individual club sponsored events or programs are not CCT approved itemsClub executive board positions will receive CCT credit at the end of the semester.
  • Only BMCC sponsored & supported community service projects will receive CCT credit. (Students cannot personal volunteer work)


Here are some activities that can be included on your Co-Curricular Transcript (CCT). More activities beyond those listed in each category can be CCT-eligible. If you have questions about specific activities, please contact the Office of Student Activities.

  1. Athletics and Recreation (one semester)
    • Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams
    • Men’s Baseball team
    • Women’s Volleyball team
    • Men’s and Women’s Soccer team
  1. Clubs and Organizations (one semester)
    • Officer or Member (attend 6 meetings) in one of over 80 Student Clubs. Club categories: academic, sports, diversity/multicultural, media, political, professional, religious, social service and creative
    • Officer in Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society
    • Executive or Inducted member of The National Society of Leadership & Success
  1. Community Service and Civic Engagement
    • Alternative Spring/Winter Break: Week of Service
    • BMCC Academy of Leadership and Service (one semester)
    • PLUS program for community service
    • Civic Leadership Program for advocacy and lobbying training
    • Career Explorers Program to develop professional and networking skills
    • Sister2Sister Peer Mentoring Program
  1. Honors and Awards (recipient)
    • BMCC Foundation Scholarship
    • BMCC Moneyworks Ambassador Scholarship
    • College Discovery Program Awards
    • Out in Two Scholarship
    • Academic Excellence Award (various academic departments)
    • Student Achievement Awards (co-curricular activities)
  1. Leadership Training (one semester)
    • BMCC Academy of Leadership and Service
    • BOLT program for freshmen
    • COACH online program for club officers and club members
    • Peer Mentoring Program for mentors and mentees
    • REAL program for experienced student leaders
  1. Workshops and Seminars
  1. Research (one semester)
  1. Professional Activities (one semester)
  1. Performances and Art Showcases
    • Presentation of artwork, sculpture, writing, design.
    • Performance of theater poetry, dance and other performances
  1. Global Experience
    • Study Abroad (Course enrollment required)
      • Argentina, Brazil, China, France, Greece, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Spain
    • Alternative Spring/Winter Break (locales vary)
    • Leadership Retreats
    • Regional and National Conferences
  1. Completed Assessments and Certifications
    • CPR/First Aid Certification
    • Clifton Strengths Assessment
    • DISC Behavioral Assessment
    • Mental Health First Aid Training
    • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
    • Strong Interest Inventory
    • Volunteer Income

Office of Student Activities (OSA)

Room S-230
Phone: (212) 220-8160
Monday – Friday: 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Harry Mars, Director
Mariana Torres, Assistant Director
Kayla Maryles, Assistant Director
Christina Waszak, Assistant Director