Non-Degree Students

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Sometimes a degree isn’t the ultimate goal . . .

There are lots of reasons you might choose to take a class at BMCC:

  • supplement your degree at another college or university,
  • brush up on a subject area prior to sitting for an exam,
  • gain new skills to change careers,
  • stay sharp for graduate school,  or
  • explore topics you are passionate about.

If any of these sound like you, non-degree status is the perfect solution.

Who is eligible?

Anyone who has earned a high school diploma or passed a high-school equivalency exam is welcome to take non-degree courses at BMCC. Including,

  • Visiting students from other colleges
  • Students who have already earned a college degree
  • Professionals who want to learn new skills
  • Senior citizens (60+) who would like to audit a course (for free!)

Which courses are available?

BMCC’s entire range of courses is available for non-degree study. We boast a wide variety of courses in more than 50 different academic programs for you to choose from. For your convenience, we offer both classroom and online learning options, as well as evening, weekend, and off-site classes throughout the city. Credits you earn are transferable to degree programs at BMCC or other colleges.

In addition, non-degree students may also choose from courses available through our Continuing Education and Workforce Development programs.

Courses with prerequisites

Some of our high-level math and English courses call for students to take a preparatory course called a “prerequisite” before they can take on more difficult subject matter.

If you want to take a course with a prerequisite, we can work with you to get approval from the academic department to skip the preparatory step.

How much does it cost?

Your tuition is calculated based on two things: where you live and how many credits the classes you choose are worth. Students taking a non-degree course pay the “non-matriculated” tuition rate.

New York City residents pay $265 per credit, and out-of-city residents pay $420 per credit. Most classes are 3-4 credits. You may review tuition details on the Bursar’s webpage. Look for your tuition rate in the ‘Non-Matriculated Students’ row.

Federal and state financial aid may not be applied to classes taken in non-degree status.

Please note, there is a $65 application fee.

Senior Citizens

New York City residents who are 60 years old or older, and audit courses as non-matriculated students, are granted a tuition waiver and charged a $65 senior citizen fee per semester. Senior citizens are also charged the consolidated services fee and any penalty fee that may be incurred (i.e. program change or late registration fee); senior citizens do not pay Student Activities fees or application fees.