Information Resources and Technology

Welcome to the Information Resource Technology (IRT) Services at Borough of Manhattan Community College

At BMCC, our IRT department is dedicated to empowering our students, faculty, and staff with cutting-edge technology solutions that enhance educational and operational excellence. We are committed to providing a robust technology infrastructure that supports the BMCC community in achieving their academic and professional goals.

Our Core Services Include:

  • Cybersecurity: Ensuring the security of our network and data is paramount. We employ comprehensive cybersecurity measures to protect against evolving threats, safeguarding the privacy and integrity of our community‚Äôs digital interactions. Continuous monitoring and advanced protection strategies are in place to defend against unauthorized access and cyber threats.
  • Cloud Services: Our cloud services deliver scalable and flexible computing resources that enhance collaboration and facilitate easy access to essential tools and content. With secure and reliable access to these services, students and faculty can engage with their coursework and research from anywhere, fostering a dynamic and adaptable learning environment.
  • Media Support: Our media support services are integral to creating technologically equipped learning and presentation spaces. We ensure that classrooms, lecture halls, and conference rooms are outfitted with the latest in audio-visual technology, providing seamless support for high-quality presentations and communications.
  • Wireless Connectivity: Recognizing the need for constant connectivity, our wireless services ensure that all members of the BMCC community have uninterrupted access to the internet across campus. This robust network supports academic pursuits, administrative tasks, and personal communications, facilitating a fully connected campus environment.

At BMCC IRT, we strive to stay ahead of the curve by continuously enhancing our services to meet the growing and changing needs of our dynamic community. Our team of dedicated IT professionals is always available to assist with technical support, from resolving connectivity issues to facilitating the adoption of new technologies. Trust us to be your proactive partner in leveraging technology to achieve your educational and professional objectives at BMCC.

Management Team

Corey Cush

Corey Cush
Vice President of Information Technology and Chief Information Officer
Room S-707A
(212) 220-8327


Amish Batra
Chief Technology Officer
Room S-140E
(212) 220-8183


Nadine Cotman
Business & Data Analyst
Room S-707
(212) 220-8084


Konstantinos (Gus) Kanellopoulos
Director of Instructional Technology
Room S-140G
(212) 220-8125


Vinton A. Melbourne
Director of the Media Center
Room S-530
(212) 220-1392