Navigate360 is a comprehensive student success management system that unites administrators, faculty, staff and students in a collaborative network that supports the entire student experience. The robust suite of tools and analytics provides communication, coordinates interventions and provides personalized support to every student. This ensures that students receive the right resources at the right time, promoting their academic success and well-being.

Navigate360 also provides a seamless system for faculty, staff and students across all of CUNY, and is a key component of the BMCC National Institute for Student Success (NISS) Diagnostic and Playbook project.

Key Features

  • Seamless Integration: Navigate360 integrates seamlessly with CUNYfirst, automating data and enhancing the accuracy and timeliness of interventions.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: The system fosters a culture of collaboration and shared responsibility among faculty, advisors and support staff in Enrollment Management, Student Affairs and Academic Affairs.
  • Personalized Support: Navigate360 provides tailored support to students, addressing their unique needs and helping them overcome challenges.