Welcome Back to BMCC!

Once a Panther, always a Panther. If you have registered for and attended classes in at least one semester at BMCC, you may be eligible to come back to school to finish your degree through Readmission rather than a brand-new CUNY application.

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Things to Know about Readmission

Your Application

  • No fee is required at the time of submission. A $20 readmit fee will be applied on your tuition bill.
  • Your application for readmission will be reviewed within 2-3 business days. You will receive an email with next steps.
  • We may ask you to present proof of NYC residency even if you presented proof when you first attended BMCC.

Transferring Credits from Other Schools

  • Students who attended a non-CUNY college while on leave from BMCC will need to submit an official transcript to BMCC or an official e-transcript to for evaluation of credits.
  • If you attended a CUNY school while on leave, please indicate which one on the form.

Financial Aid

  • If you accepted for readmission, submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) right away to get financial aid support set up for the coming semester.
  • Students who were placed on academic probation and are interested in receiving federal financial aid will need to submit a Title IV Appeal to
  • For information concerning financial aid, please visit

Readmission After Being Academically Dismissed

If you took time away from BMCC because you were academically dismissed, we want to make sure you have a strong restart. Before you come back to school, we want to hear your story. We want to know what happened in the past and work with you to make a plan to get back on track. The Committee on Academic Standing’s (CAS) will review your case and make sure you have people in your corner to support you as you succeed.

  1. Download and complete the CAS Appeal form. This form and the personal statement you will attach to it are your chance to tell your story and document your situation.
  2. Write a personal statement and gather documentation (see “Helpful Hints” here CAS Appeal).
  3. Save your personal statement and supporting documentation as a PDF file.
  4. Set up an Appointment with a Counselor. Let’s talk and make a plan for you to reach your goals.

When you have completed Steps 1-3, email with a simple message introducing yourself. Attach your CAS Appeal Form and personal statement.

Request an appointment by completing the Appeals Request Form. Once the Counseling Center receives your request, appeal form and personal statement, they will reach out to you with details about your appointment to speak with a counselor.

For assistance with any portion of the CAS Appeal process, please contact the BMCC Counseling Center.