Second Chance Program

Restart your education.
Rewrite your success story.

The Second Chance Program at BMCC gives students with low GPAs an opportunity to explain their academic history and request special admission.

  • Are you thinking about transferring, but your previous GPA is not a 2.0?
  • Perhaps your first college experience didn’t show your true capabilities?
  • Maybe your first school wasn’t a good fit?
  • Maybe you were too young to take it seriously?
  • Maybe you had some family or personal matters that needed to take priority?

Maybe now is the right time for a second chance—BMCC believes in second chances.

Spring 2020 Second Chance Application Deadline:

December 31, 2019

How to apply for a second chance

  1. Write an essay. Using less than 500 words, tell us why you would like a second chance to come to college. What lessons have you learned through school and life experiences that will help you make the most of this second chance? How will you change your learning behaviors to support your future success at BMCC and beyond? The best essays answer these questions, have few grammatical errors, and have about three paragraphs.
  1. Complete an admission application. To be considered for a second chance, you must submit an official transfer application for admission. If you have already submitted a spring 2020 CUNY application, then you’re already done with this step! If not, please visit the CUNY website to apply.
  1. Pay the application fee. A $70 transfer application fee is due before we can process your application. Pay online using a credit card or electronic check. If you have already submitted a CUNY Application, you may have also already completed this step.
  1. Submit a Second Chance Form. Let us know you are interested in a Second Chance. Through this form you will provide personal contact information, upload your essay, and attach electronic copies of your college transcripts.

Important note: If you have earned fewer than 24 college credits at all schools you have attended, you will also need to attach a copy of your high school transcript.

To access the Second Chance Form, you will prompted to log in. Click “create new account” in the bottom left corner of the login box to get started. Accounts are required to submit your transcripts and essay.

  1. Congratulate yourself! You’ve taken an important first step in continuing your education. You will receive an email regarding our decision within two weeks of completing all necessary steps and submitting all transcripts.

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