You made a great choice when you picked BMCC for your first two years of college! So what’s next? (Yes, we’re already asking that question.)

It’s never too early to start planning for your future. Actually, the sooner you have a plan, the sooner you can start taking the right classes and discussing your future with your advisor.

Thinking about a Bachelor’s Degree? Maybe starting your career? Either way, BMCC can help.

Students with shirts of different colleges

More degrees are definitely in my future!

Earning your Associate’s degree at BMCC is a major accomplishment and a reason to celebrate . . . but you want more!  The credits you earn during your time at BMCC should transfer seamlessly to most four-year schools (provided the courses were not remedial and you earned a C or better).

Whether you’re already set on a particular major or just want to browse the possibilities, we encourage you to be curious and explore our list of 100+ agreements with four-year colleges that guarantee the acceptance of your BMCC credits (some even guaranteed admission if you graduate with a strong grade point average (GPA). These agreements are called articulation agreements or joint admissions agreements, so that’s the term you might hear your advisor or professor use. No matter what you call them, they represent a great opportunity to take your education to the next level without skipping a beat!

Find out which of BMCC’s articulation agreements fit your major, GPA or learning style.

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Time for me to get to work!

BMCC partners with several companies like Zurich, TransRe, Aon, and Everest Global to link your degree to the needs of many global companies with offices right here in the heart of downtown New York City.

In most cases, these companies offer an apprenticeship-style opportunity and pay for your BMCC degree (and books) while you learn valuable on-the-job skills AND collect a paycheck! In addition, most companies will offer you a full-time position when you graduate from BMCC.

Find out more about BMCC’s apprenticeship opportunities.