CUNY Justice Academy

The CUNY Justice Academy (CJA) is a transfer program with John Jay College of Criminal Justice/CUNY for select BMCC majors. Students within the BMCC majors listed below can seamlessly transition to John Jay after their BMCC graduation without filing a CUNY Transfer Application.

BMCC Majors for CJACorresponding John Jay Major
Accounting for Forensics (A.S.)Fraud Examination & Financial Forensics (B.S.)
Computer Science (A.S.) Computer Science and Information Security (B.S.)
Criminal Justice (A.A.) Criminal Justice (B.A.)
Critical Thinking & Justice (A.A.)Humanities & Justice (B.A.)
History (A.A.)Global History (B.A.)
Human Services (A.S.)Human Services & Community Justice (B.S.)
Liberal Arts (A.A.)English (B.A.)
Global History (B.A.)
Philosophy (B.A.)
Mathematics (A.S.)Applied Mathematics (B.S.)
Science for Forensics (A.S.)Forensic Science (B.S.)
Science (A.S.)Cell & Molecular Biology (B.S.)
Toxicology (B.S.)
Writing and Literature (A.A.)English (B.A.)

In order to seamlessly transition to John Jay, you must complete all your degree requirements [i.e. curricular requirements, one Writing Intensive course, minimum GPA of 2.000 (minimum 2.500 for Science for Forensic majors)], and apply for graduation.

When transitioning from a CJA major at BMCC to its corresponding major at John Jay, students can complete their baccalaureate degree in just two years. Visit CUNY Justice Academy Resources for 4-year academic plans. However, BMCC students in CJA majors are not obligated to transition to the corresponding major. Students looking to study a major that’s different should consult with their academic advisor as it may take more than 2 years to complete the baccalaureate.

During your final semester, you should receive an email from John Jay asking if you intend to enroll for the subsequent semester. You complete that Intent to Enroll form and follow their instructions.

If you have any questions, please email the CUNY Justice Academy at or the BMCC Academic Advisement & Transfer Center at

Transferring to John Jay with a non-CJA major

If you are not studying one of the majors above and are looking to transfer to John Jay, you will need to apply via the CUNY Transfer Application.