Reimagining BMCC

Vaccine mandate ends effective May 23

In the wake of significant improvements in New York City and State and across the nation, CUNY is ending the emergency vaccination mandate for students, faculty and staff. The change will be effective on May 23 (the last day of the Spring semester) and will allow students to enroll in classes, regardless of their COVID-19 vaccination status, starting with Summer sessions.

CUNY’s decision to lift the vaccine mandate is consistent with the federal government’s plan to end the national Public Health Emergency in May. It comes after close consultation with State and City health officials, and amid increased rates of vaccination and sustained low COVID-19 levels on CUNY campuses and throughout the city. To be sure, it’s important to recognize that the pandemic is not over; we continue to encourage and urge all students, faculty and staff to stay up to date with vaccinations. We will also continue to consult with public health experts, closely monitor data and adhere to pertinent federal, state and city guidance should policies need to be modified moving forward.

Testing program ends effective May 18

On May 18, CUNY will also be ending the COVID-19 testing program, closing the campus and Central Office test sites and eliminating the use of the Cleared4 health verification platform, allowing BMCC to go back to their standard processes for granting campus access.