First-Time Freshmen

You have made a great choice to apply to BMCC. Our school was recently ranked sixth fastest growing college of its size as well as one of the nation’s top colleges for awarding associate degrees.

Choices of Programs and Schedules

With over 50 academic programs and learning options that include evening, weekend and online courses we have something for everyone.

We will help you find internships and experiential learning opportunities to help you gain experience. Our Center for Career Development will help you plan your future, provide advice about finding a job and introduce you to potential employers.

Academic, Personal and Financial Support

Our students know that we offer academic and personal support. There is free tutoring available in many subjects.

The low cost of our courses plus financial aid allows most students (9 out of 10) to graduate debt-free. Our BMCC/CUNY Value (pdf) report will tell you more.

Activities On and Off Campus

Take time to explore downtown NYC’s vibrant Tribeca neighborhood filled with parks, restaurants and historical sites. Try out some of our many student activities, athletics, clubs, community service and other activities, which are an important part of your experience here.

We look forward to seeing you around campus!

Get Credit for Your AP Exam Scores

Your AP exam scores could earn you college credit at BMCC! The table below defines what scores we accept and which classes you may apply AP scores to complete.

AP Test BMCC Class Equivalent
Score of 3 Score of 4 Score of 5
AP Art History elective* ART 102 or ART 104 ART 102 or ART 104
AP Biology BIO 210 BIO 210 BIO 210
AP Calculus AB MAT 301 MAT 301 MAT 302
AP Calculus BC MAT 302 MAT 302 MAT 302
AP Chemistry CHE 201 CHE 201 CHE 201
AP Chinese Language & Culture Intermediate Level I Intermediate Level II Advanced Levels
AP Comparative Government & Policies GEN 1 POL 110 POL 110
AP Computer Science A CSC 110 CSC 110 CSC 110
AP English Language & Composition elective* ENG 121 ENG 121
AP Environmental Science none none none
AP European History GEN 1 GEN 1 GEN 1
AP French Language & Culture Intermediate Level I Intermediate Level II Advanced Levels
AP German Language & Culture none none none
AP Human Geography GEN 1 GEO 100 GEO 100
AP Italian Language & Culture Intermediate Level I Intermediate Level II Advanced Levels
AP Japanese Language & Culture none none none
AP Latin none none none
AP Macroeconomics ECO 100 ECO 201 ECO 201
AP Microeconomics ECO 100 ECO 202 ECO 202
AP Music Theory MUS 105 MUS 117 MUS 117
AP Physics 1: Algebra-based PHY 210 PHY 210 PHY 210
AP Physics 2: Algebra-based PHY 220 PHY 220 PHY 220
AP Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism PHY 225 PHY 225 PHY 225
AP Physics C: Mechanics PHY 215 PHY 215 PHY 215
AP Psychology GEN 1 PSY 100 PSY 100
AP Seminar none none none
AP Spanish Literature & Culture Intermediate Level I Intermediate Level II Advanced Levels
AP Statistics MAT 209 MAT 209 MAT 209
AP U.S. Government & Politics GEN 1 POL 100 POL 100
AP U.S. History GEN 1 HIS 120 HIS 120
AP World History GEN 1 HIS 115 HIS 115

BMCC Admissions

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