Monitoring and Reporting Positive Cases

Reporting Positive Cases

Reporting of all positive cases impacting the BMCC community will continue to be managed by the Health Services and HR COVID-19 Liaisons.

Reported positive cases impacting the BMCC community will also be reported on the BMCC COVID-19 Dashboard which also provides a direct link to the COVID-19 CUNY tracker for additional information and historical data.

Based on the determined level of exposure the BMCC Coronavirus team in coordination with CUNY will make a determination on any additional steps that need to be considered or taken to reduce the potential of internal spread.

Liaison Procedures

  • The Liaison will ensure that the local health department and CUNY are notified about the case.
  • The Liaison will continue to advise individuals, depending on how severe their symptoms are, and follow CDC Guidance for caring for oneself and others.