Frequently Asked Questions

Updated as of February 2, 2022

PLEASE NOTE: Responses to the Frequency Asked Questions will be updated with guidance from the New York State Department of Health, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the City University of New York (CUNY).

Health and Safety

Yes, by encouraging the use of face coverings by all building occupants (faculty, staff, students and visitors),  health monitoring protocols, intensified cleaning and disinfecting procedures, increased filtering and air changes of building ventilation and the practice of good hand hygiene as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

BMCC buildings are monitored daily by taking the health and safety measures mentioned above, in compliance with CDC guidelines for safe occupancy by members of the BMCC Community. Visit the BMCC website to learn what we are doing to keep our buildings safe and clean.

Currently, all buildings are accessible, provided that all safety procedures are followed. Visit the BMCC website to learn what we are doing to keep our buildings safe and clean.

The use of electrostatic sprayers and constant cleaning of common building areas, including but not limited to high touch areas, escalators, stairways, corridors, classrooms and nightly cleaning and disinfecting of all active building areas as recommended by the CDC. Watch this video to learn about the air filtration system used inside BMCC buildings.

Tracing and tracking protocols will be maintained to comply with all regulatory protocols when a confirmed case has been reported to the college. See more about Monitoring and Reporting Positive Cases.

Staggered scheduling of administrative functions and gatherings will be used to ensure compliance with current recommendations.

When required a number of temporary sneeze guards will be installed to ensure the safety of all staff and students interacting in areas that include the Information Desk and customer service counters).

Air changes and filter replacement will be based on recommendations from the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers on minimizing the spread of Infectious Aerosol and CDC guidelines. Watch this video to learn about the air filtration system used inside BMCC buildings.

Yes, hand sanitizers will be placed at building entry points and common areas. Faculty, staff and students are required to wear masks when entering buildings, and masks will also be available on campus.

The evidence is on our side – if everyone wears masks, the chances of spreading COVID-19 are radically reduced. Students, faculty and staff are required to wear a mask (or use a face covering) while they are inside BMCC buildings. If an individual forgets their mask, they will be provided with one as long as supplies last.

Members of the BMCC community must adhere to facility requirements and guidelines.

PPE are available on a limited basis to students, faculty and staff.

In addition to detailed cleaning of classrooms and spaces, sanitizing wipes will be available in the room for individuals to disinfect equipment prior to use.

Members of the BMCC community are encouraged to comply with CDC health and safety guidelines to make our campus a safe and welcoming environment to work and learn.

No. Supervisors will work with their staff to schedule virtual meetings using Zoom or other platforms.

BMCC will adhere to current guidance including requiring proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test within 7 days.

Communication and Updates

Yes, guidelines and signage will be placed in bathrooms, along common areas (cafeteria, gym and library), classrooms, labs, and hallways.

BMCC’s Nurse Penelope Jordan ( is the designated liaison who is responsible for leading the efforts of tracking and responding to COVID-19 cases. BMCC will take proper steps under the guidance of the CDC in case of an outbreak.

BMCC will post signage throughout the campus, including the television monitors, social media platforms, and the BMCC website. These and other communications will offer tips and reminders on the importance of physical distancing. Face coverings are required but it is ultimately an individual’s responsibility to protect themselves and others in our community by adhering to the guidance on reducing the risk of infection.


Campus services including the cafeteria, library, fitness center and the bookstore will be available. Student support services including the Panther Pantry, the Panther Station, counseling, tutoring and the Early Childhood Center will also be available along with other services. Visit the Student Hub to learn about the offices and services available to the BMCC Community.

Printing will be available in various locations on campus. Quiet study areas will also be available on campus, along with access to Wi-Fi.

The Panther Station is providing services in-person and virtually. Please visit the Panther Station website to learn more.

Please visit the Student Hub to learn about services provided that include the Advocacy and Resource Center, Counseling Center, Financial Aid and the Center for Career Development. Faculty and staff can contact Human Resources to request accommodations or further assistance.


Students should contact the professor’s department chairperson. Each department chairperson has the responsibility to review and respond to student complaints.

As a college, BMCC does not have an attendance policy. Faculty are free to create their own policies about what counts as attendance and participation and they are encouraged to be flexible with students who may be experiencing hardships.

Faculty and Staff Development

The Office of Compliance and Diversity (OCD) is available to all members of the BMCC community with assistance in filing a complaint of unlawful discrimination/harassment, obtaining a reasonable accommodation, or if you have any questions regarding the policies enforced by the OCD.


Yes, distribution for laptops or desktops is continuing throughout the fall semester. Faculty members must place a request with their Department Chair for approval.

Borrowed laptops must be returned once a student graduates or is no longer enrolled at BMCC. There will be a fee for non-returned laptops. Please visit, the Student Distance Learning and Services website to learn more.

Human Resources and Health Services

Students, faculty and staff who are sick and exhibiting symptoms of acute respiratory illness are asked to stay home and not come to work until they are free of fever [100.4° F (37.8° C) or greater using an oral thermometer] and any other symptoms for at least 24 hours, without the use of fever-reducing or other symptom-altering medicines. BMCC employees should consult with BMCC’s Human Resources to explore options regarding sick days.

There is no available space at the college to accommodate this need.  There are some neighborhood garages that offer BMCC employees with a discount.

Faculty and staff can contact Human Resources to request accommodations or further assistance. Older adults and persons with severe underlying health conditions are at increased risk of more serious illness after contracting COVID-19. Following guidance from the CDC, priority will be given to ensuring the safety of these groups of people.

Yes. Be sure to consult with group participants to find out about which online platform will be used.

Staff will perform duties that fall within their job description.