Faculty Affairs

Instructional Continuity

Fall 2020 courses will primarily be taught through distance learning. Faculty Affairs staff and resources will be provided remotely, as nearly all BMCC staff continue to work from home.

BMCC E-Learning Center and CETLS have created Course Continuity and Emergency Preparedness websites with tutorials, training materials, and tools to support and prepare faculty for possible course disruption. It includes teaching approaches during emergencies, including the Resilient Teaching workshop, how to transfer an in-person course to Blackboard, how to use Zoom Web Conferencing, and other useful information.

CUNY sends out periodic updates on Academic Continuity–items relating to faculty and instruction are collated on the CUNY Faculty Affairs website.

BMCC Faculty Affairs

Faculty are at the heart of the learning community that is BMCC. Faculty teach and mentor students, conduct research and scholarly inquiry, help lead the college, and serve the community. The college is committed to helping the full-time and part-time faculty grow and innovate in order to reach their full potential and help students learn.

Just as we believe that learning is a lifelong activity, professional development is an ongoing effort. BMCC has several programs and resources to help faculty to engage in ongoing learning activities for any and all of their activities. See the links on the left to explore BMCC programs. The links on the right are resources for the University and other outside organizations.

Here are some of the initiatives we are currently working on.

High Impact Learning

High Impact Teaching Practices are pedagogical practices that have been shown to be beneficial to students and their learning. They take many forms, and some of the practices being used at BMCC include First-Year Seminars, Writing-Intensive Courses, Undergraduate Research, Global Learning, Service Learning, and Learning Communities.

BMCC offers many professional development activities to broaden the understanding and use of these evidence-based practices. Learn more about high impact practices.

2020 Vision: Engaging Voting and Election Issues in and out of the Classroom

Elections are a great opportunity to engage students in the classroom. But they can also be difficult and contentious, creating conflict and tension for students and faculty alike. In the Spring of 2020, we kick off an effort to promote engagement in and out of the classroom. Three faculty presentations scheduled for Spring 2020 will be held at a later date.

This activity is part of BMCC’s and CUNY’s efforts to promote voter registration, participation, and awareness. See these web sites for more information: #BMCCvotes and CUNY voter registration.