Information Security

Two Students with Laptops

Our Mission

The mission of the cybersecurity team at BMCC is to minimize the risk of cyber attacks, protect the data that is transmitted over our network, and ensure that all students, faculty, and staff are equipped with the knowledge to protect themselves from cyber risks.

Consistent with our stated mission, we aim to:

  • Work with other departments to follow best practice guidelines and ensure compliance with federal and state data protection regulations
  • Raise awareness of cybersecurity
  • Provide resources and guidance for students, faculty, and staff

Learn more

How you can stay safe online, what steps you can take to protect yourself, and who you can contact if you need assistance.


Criminals will try to trick you into revealing your personal information

Securing Your Devices

Simple steps can go a long way in preventing attacks

Signs of Infection

Have you noticed any of the following on your PC?

Additional Resources

Stay informed with other cybersecurity resources on the web