Non-Traditional Students

We recognize that older adult and nontraditional students have many priorities in their lives and attend school for a variety of reasons.

Choosing to pursue your educational goals is important because you are choosing to fulfill your dreams. In the process, your experience will fundamentally change your life as well as the lives of those around you. When the time is right, pursue your dreams with confidence and expect the best. Ultimately, the decision is yours. Start Here. Go Anywhere!

We are here to help you transition into BMCC and to support your stay while you are with us. This is YOUR community, we welcome you!

Older adult and non-traditional undergraduate students are a very unique group of students who are sometimes referred to as “adult learners.”  Here at BMCC, we consider non-traditional undergraduate students as:

  • at least 25 years or older OR
  • those students who, regardless of age, have dependent children OR
  • have had an interruption or delay in their education since high school OR
  • an active, reserve or veteran of the military

This is an online guide to campus resources and support services, as well as links to other websites that may be beneficial to your education.

Academic Support

BMCC offers a number of resources to ensure the academic success of all its students, and many more are available beyond the ones mentioned here. Please visit the Student Hub for more details.

Career and Financial Support

CUNY and BMCC offer a variety of financial aid opportunities for students. There are also other financial resources available to help you through your time at the college, including job and career support.

Well-being Support

At BMCC we value self-care and life balance. There are numerous resources to promote mental and physical health, from individual and group counseling sessions, to nutrition and exercise classes.

Cohort and Mentoring Opportunities

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