IMPACT Peer Mentoring

The BMCC Inspires and Motivates People to Achieve in College Together (IMPACT) Peer Mentoring program is students helping students in a purposeful way. Current students who are looking for an empowering interpersonal leadership experience and who meet the program criteria are encourage to apply to become Mentors. BMCC’s Peer Mentors are committed to sharing their own experiences to motivate others, help them grow, set goals and become successful.


Program Overview

Starting college can be an overwhelming experience. From learning simpler things like finding your way around, or where to go for help; to discovering ways to balance classwork, home, job and figuring out which student organizations or experiences to be a part of; or, even choosing a major – it’s a big adjustment. It is a lot to learn, plan and keep track of.

To alleviate much of the confusion when transitioning to college, the IMPACT Peer Mentoring Program at BMCC helps new students adjust to the college environment, make connections on campus and feel empowered to chart their own course to success. The program matches successful continuing students with new students, connecting them as partners for a semester-long experience.


Would this program be a good fit for me?

BMCC’s Peer Mentors are students who have already mastered college life at BMCC by being are successful students, active leaders, and engaged citizens in our campus community. If this description sounds like you, read on and find out more!


Sign up now:

If you want to join the IMPACT Peer Mentoring Program, contact the program coordinator, Denise DellaPorta at (212) 776-6472 or

IMPACT Peer Mentoring Program

199 Chambers Street, Room S-136H
New York, NY 10007
Phone: (212) 220-8000