Program Criteria and Expectations

Program Criteria

All Mentor applicants should have:

  • Attended BMCC for at least a semester and earned 12 BMCC credits
  • Completed all developmental/remedial courses at the time serving as Peer Mentor
  • A minimum BMCC GPA of 3.0
  • Willingness to make a semester-long commitment to fulfilling the program expectations.
  • Time to engage in mentoring activities and events (as scheduled) and to maintain regular contact with their mentees
  • Desire to foster personal growth in themselves and in others: to develop and reflect on their goals, reach out to others, and to encourage and motivate them to do the same
  • Ability to share ideas and personal experiences effectively and a willingness to serve as a role model
  • Appreciation for diversity and an open-mind when working with others

Program Expectations

  • Mentors and mentees will attend at least one program event per month to remain active in the program.
  • Mentors and mentees ”connect” for a minimum of two hours per week (as scheduled in their own time):
    • They meet once a week in person to “check in” and stay on course, or attend a campus activity together. (Meetings are on your own schedule).
    • They are also in regular contact, and communicate openly each week via email, phone, Skype or other social media.
  • Mentors will complete weekly journal logs to chronicle their experiences in the program.
  • Mentors will meet with the Program Coordinator twice each semester: once for their initial interview, and once at mid-semester.
  • Mentors must attend all training sessions and the first meeting of the semester with their mentee- the keynote event, which is usually held the first week of classes.
  • Mentors must also assist at three GPS (Getting Prepared to Start) days for new students each registration cycle, as their individual schedule permits.

IMPACT Peer Mentoring Program

199 Chambers Street, Room S-136H
New York, NY 10007
Phone: (212) 220-8000