Nontraditional Career Academic Services

BMCC Nontraditional Career Academic Services is committed to helping students in nontraditional career programs, by facilitating their ability to understand the academic process and effectively navigate postsecondary education.

What is a Nontraditional Career?

A nontraditional career is defined as one where more than 75% of the workforce is of one gender. For example, nursing and elementary education have been traditionally populated by women and the engineering and technology fields were dominated by men.

Some BMCC majors that lead to nontraditional careers:

For Women

For Men



A new career presents an excellent chance to expand your knowledge base, and a nontraditional career is an excellent opportunity broaden your horizons. Gaining hands-on training and expertise in a desirable field will make you a more valuable employee. Nontraditional occupations require some of the most specialized and in-demand skill sets. In today’s economy, you can never be too marketable.

Learn more about nontraditional careers.

The Student Hub has links to many resources, such as: the Center for Career Development and Internships and Experiential Learning, We also offer Career Coach, an online system designed to help students start their career exploration and find relevant local wage and employment data, education opportunities tied to their career paths, and live job postings.

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