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NOTE: Currently there is a waiting list for admission into the Respiratory Therapy Technology  (RTT) Program. The current waiting list is for Fall 2026. All potential RTT students must contact the department with their name and address to be placed on the waiting list. You will not be able to apply directly to the program. However, you may apply as Undeclared Health-Respiratory Therapy to complete your pre-requisite courses.

The department will e-mail you back to confirm that your email was received and provide additional information regarding the program. Admission into the program does not guarantee you a seat in the actual Respiratory Therapy classes.

The Respiratory Therapy program is a day program only. There are no evening/weekend RTT courses.

Respiratory Therapist (RTs) are licensed healthcare professionals who treat people with conditions affecting the cardiopulmonary system. Respiratory Therapists treat conditions such as asthma, emphysema, pneumonia, cardiovascular disorders, and trauma.

The Respiratory Therapy Technology (RTT) Program will provide you with the necessary skills and experience to become competent respiratory therapists. You will receive specialized training in the clinical care of patients with cardio-respiratory problems. See the Respiratory Therapy Student Handbook for more information about the program.

Upon completing the requirements listed below, students receive the Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree and are eligible to take the Certification and Registry Examinations given by the National Board for Respiratory Care, Inc.

The Respiratory Therapy Technology (RTT) Program is a two-year, 5 semester 73 credit full-time day program offered through the Allied Health Sciences Department at BMCC. The BMCC Respiratory Therapy Program (#200116) is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care (CoARC). CoARC accredits respiratory therapy education programs in the United States. To achieve this end, it utilizes an ‘outcomes based’ process. Programmatic outcomes are performance indicators that reflect the extent to which the educational goals of the program are achieved and by which program effectiveness is documented. See information regarding program outcomes.

Program Policies

Starting in the fall 2009 semester, in order to be admitted into the Program, students must provide documentation for one of the following categories:

  • U.S. citizenship.
  • Permanent Residency.
  • International Student with F1 status.
  • Granted Asylum, Refugee Status, Temporary Protected Status, Withholding of Removal, Deferred Enforced Departure, or Deferred Action Status by the U.S. Government.

In order to maintain eligibility in the program, students must attain an average of “C” or better in all RTT courses. Students who fail any Respiratory Therapy course may repeat such course only once. Students who have been academically dismissed must attain a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0 or above in order to re-enter the Respiratory Therapy program. BMCC students wishing to transfer into Respiratory Therapy must also have attained a GPA of 2.0 or above.

NOTE: Admission to the RTT sequence occurs in September only. All students must complete any remedial requirements prior to admission to the RTT sequence. All students are required to show proof of physical examination, per New York State Department of Health requirements for hospital personnel.

Transfer Options

BMCC has articulation agreements with several four year colleges to allow you to seamlessly continue your education there without any loss of credits.

Explore Careers

BMCC is committed to  students’ long-term success and will help you explore professional opportunities. Undecided? No problem. The college offers Career Coach for salary and employment information, job postings and a self-discovery assessment to help students find their academic and career paths. Visit Career Express to make an appointment with a career advisor, search for jobs or sign-up for professional development activities with the Center for Career Development. Students can also visit the Office of Internships and Experiential Learning to gain real world experience in preparation for a four-year degree and beyond. These opportunities are available to help BMCC students build a foundation for future success.

Explore career paths for Respiratory Therapy (pdf)


Respiratory Therapy Academic Program Maps

Required Common Core

English Composition 6
Mathematical and Quantitative Reasoning
MAT 109 Mathematics for Respiratory Therapy 3
Life and Physical Sciences
CHE 118 Fundamentals of Chemistry 4
CHE 121 Fundamentals of General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry 4

Flexible Core

Scientific World
BIO  425 Anatomy and Physiology 4
PSY 100 General Psychology 3

Curriculum Requirements

Anatomy and Physiology II
General Physics
Total Curriculum Credits
Total Program Credits

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