Information for Parents

Welcome to the BMCC Family!

The Academic Advisement & Transfer Center (AATC) would like to thank you for trusting Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC) with the wellbeing and academic development of your child.  As a parent/guardian, you play an important role in a student’s ongoing transition into BMCC.

What You and Your Child can Expect from an Academic Advisor

We offer BMCC students a wide range of services.  Students can expect an academic advisor to:

  • promote student development and growth by assisting students in assessing their interests, abilities, and short- and long-term educational goals;
  • advise students on the selection of appropriate courses to complete their degree in a timely fashion, while supporting that academic goals and interests;
  • evaluate and monitor students’ academic progress;
  • help students explore academic options and career pathways;
  • inform students about all degree, program, and general education requirements;
  • teach students to create academic schedules that allow them to balance academic and personal responsibilities;
  • assist students in developing excellent time management skills;
  • provide transfer information to students preparing to make a transition to another institution;
  • understand institutional policies and procedures;
  • empower students with the necessary tools to become self-sufficient and independent learners;
  • maintain student confidentiality.

What the Advisor Expects from the Advisee (Student)

The advisor expects their advisee to:

  • understand and know that the relationship between advisor and advisee is a partnership and that the student must take an active role in the development of meaningful academic goals;
  • arrive on time and come prepared to each advisement appointment;
  • inform their advisor of changes that may affect their academic progress, i.e. dropping or withdrawing from courses;
  • identify personal academic and career goals and inform their advisor during the advisement session;
  • complete all recommendations and assignments from their advisor, i.e. visiting the Career Development Center, researching transfer colleges/programs, going to the Learning Resource Center for tutoring, etc.;
  • be knowledgeable of their degree requirements, and other college policies and procedures;
  • be aware of all college deadlines, i.e. withdrawal date, transfer application deadlines, appeal deadlines, etc.

Academic Advisement and Transfer Center
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