Business Management

The Department of Business Management offers five associate’s degree programs: Business Management, Business Administration, and Small Business Entrepreneurship, Financial Management, and Digital Marketing. Students who successfully complete a degree program earn either an associate in art (A.A.) degree, an associate in science (A.S.) or an associate in applied science (A.A.S.) degree. Graduates of all programs are well prepared for employment or further education at a public or private four-year college or university.

The program is designed to prepare students with the necessary skills to start their own business or to be a successful employee of a small business. The program features four courses specifically designed to help students begin their own business. Please check the schedule of the advanced course offerings for the SBE major to know when they are offered so that you can plan your time to graduation


In consultation with a faculty advisor, students pursuing the A.A.S. degree may prepare for employment or continued study in one of these subject areas:

Entrepreneurial Summit

The Department of Business Management organizes an annual entrepreneurial summit, providing students with an opportunity to meet and hear from entrepreneurs who have started their own businesses. The 13th Annual Entrepreneurial Summit was held at BMCC in May 2019.


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