Internships for Academic Credit

Internships can provide BMCC students with an opportunity to explore different careers, gain practical experience, build their resumes, and network with professionals in a wide range of businesses and organizations.

Academic internships

The internship course at BMCC is an opportunity to receive 2 college credits for a semester-long internship (fall, spring or summer). Each student intern is assigned to a class with an internship faculty member who is knowledgeable about the field.

Majors with required internships

Students in the following majors are required to take the internship course:

Accounting (CED 301) Prerequisites: Career Planning Course (CED 201) and completion of 24 credits, including two Accounting courses, preferably 230 and 330  

Business Management and Small Business/Entrepreneurship (CED 361, 365) Prerequisites: Completion of 24 credits, including two courses in Business concentration

Media, Arts and Technology* (MEA 371) Prerequisites: Completion of 24 credits; ENG 95, ESL 95 or above

  • Multimedia Programming
  • Multimedia Design
  • Animation & Motion Graphics
  • Video Arts and Technology

* Media Arts and Technology students may replace MEA 371 with MEA 201, an industry related career development course, which does not require an internship.

Majors with optional internships

The academic internship course is an elective (optional) for students in the following majors:

Business Administration (CED 361, 365) Prerequisites: Completion of 24 credits, including two courses in Business concentration 

Computer Information Systems (CED 315) Prerequisites: CED 201 and completion of 24 credits, including two CIS or CSC courses  

Liberal Arts (CED 305) Prerequisites: Completion of 24 credits

Theatre Externship (THE 258 (3 credits)) Prerequisites: Completion of 24 credits; ENG 95 or ESL 95/96 or above; ACR 95, THE 125 and Departmental Permission  

Course requirements

An internship is an opportunity with many short and long-term benefits, so treat it like a job. Projects, role responsibilities, hours and attire will vary by hiring entity and differ among industries. All students will be required to:

  • Complete a minimum of 150 hours of work on-site over the semester (15 weeks spring or fall; 10 weeks summer)
  • Complete assignments and a term project assigned by Internship Faculty in whose course you’re enrolled
  • Be evaluated by the internship site supervisor

Next steps

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