Applying to Study Abroad

  1. Think about the Experience You Want to Have: Which countries appeal to you? Would you like to study in English or practice a foreign language? Which requirement could you fulfill abroad? Do you want to go abroad for a few weeks, a semester or an academic year?
  2. Research Program Options: Information sessions are offered in the fall and spring semesters. You will learn about opportunities to study abroad, academic considerations, financial aid and scholarships. You can also start looking into options here: 
  3. Determine Academic Credit: Once you have narrowed down your choices to two or three programs, log into DegreeWorks and put the BMCC study abroad course codes into the “What if” option to determine how the course may count towards your degree (ask your Academic Advisor for help if you are not familiar with this process). If you are interested in a study abroad program at another CUNY college, you may ask the Registrar to help you figure out how the course may count. Non-BMCC programs will require an e-Permit – see here for more information.
  4. Understand Cost and Financial Aid: It is important to understand the cost of study abroad early in the process.  Financial aid and scholarships may be available.  Start checking your eligibility for scholarships as soon as possible. You may apply to multiple scholarships. Check in with the Office of Financial Aid to confirm what aid is available to you based on your individual package. 
  5. Choose a Program and Apply: The Study Abroad Application will vary by program, so make sure to read eligibility and application requirements closely.  Some programs fill up quickly, so apply by the deadline!  Learn more about applying to BMCC Study Abroad Programs.
  6. Get Ready to Go Abroad:  After you are admitted to your Study Abroad Program, you will receive clear instructions on payments, pre-departure requirements and mandatory orientation dates.  You will also receive guidance on the immigration process, if applicable.