Student Testimonials


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Naomi Mackliff, Argentina Participant

I went to Buenos Aires, Argentina with 8 other BMCC students. I am Ecuadorian and have wanted to expand my knowledge of the history and culture of Latin America — Argentina was the perfect choice for me.

The experience of studying abroad will stay with me forever. I have memories of practicing my Spanish speaking skills by interacting with local people and taking part in cultural activities such as visiting the large street fair in Mataderos.

I recommend researching the study abroad courses you are interested in. Some courses are 2 weeks abroad and some are 5 weeks; some have language requirements and prequisites. Choosing the program that is best for you will enrich your experience. You will meet other hardworking students that could become lifelong friends.


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Brittany Broderick, China Participant

My study abroad destination was China. I chose to study in China because I have been learning Chinese for the past few semesters. I thought it would be a great opportunity for me to improve my ability to speak, read and write in Mandarin.
I was also eager to learn traditional Chinese customs by being exposed to the culture.

I benefited from studying in China by not only perfecting my Mandarin but having the ability to experience another culture different from my own. The experience deepened my love for Chinese history.

My advice for students who are thinking of studying abroad would be to take advantage of the opportunity. It truly changes who you are as a person when you open yourself to new experiences. You begin to see the world and the people surrounding you in a different light.
Experiencing a different culture humbles you and makes you appreciate the things that you have.


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Mia Adams, Japan Participant

My study abroad travel destination was Japan. I became interested in Japan as a child after falling in love with the Japanese anime character Sailor Moon. I was inspired to learn more about the language and culture and became interested in becoming an international entertainer. I began singing and acting using the little Japanese
I learned from the shows I watched. My passion for the Japanese culture led me to decide to visit the country.

The study abroad experience has helped me to gain a sense of independence as well as to clarify some of my career goals. I was able to meet two of the biggest Japanese entertainers who I have admired for many years.
My time in Japan made me very certain that I wanted to do whatever it takes to be able to sing, dance, and act in Japanese.

I would encourage any student to consider studying abroad because it provides so many new opportunities and experiences. You will gain intercultural knowledge that will be valuable in your future career. You will find that you can develop bonds with people from different countries over shared interests. The people that you meet may become lifelong friends.


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