Frequently Asked Questions

What is study abroad?
Study abroad students earn academic credit while they travel to a location outside of the United States. BMCC Study Abroad Programs are led by BMCC professors – this means you are traveling with a professor to take their course in another country, and you may use the facilities of a local university. These programs typically have 10-15 students and travel 2-4 weeks during the summer.

You can see study abroad programs we have offered in recent years. If you study abroad with another CUNY school or provider, you may also go with a group, or you may directly enroll in a local university. Either way, you can work with the Experiential Learning and Study Abroad Manager to have those credits transferred to your degree at BMCC.

Do I need the COVID-19 vaccine to study abroad? 
Yes, all faculty and students will be required to be up-to-date with their COVID-19 vaccinations in order to participate in study abroad. Depending on host country requirements, you may also be required to furnish a negative COVID-19 test before traveling. Updated vaccination information must be uploaded to CUNYFirst.

Do I have to be in a specific major to study abroad?
No!  Students across majors are welcome to apply to study abroad.  Just make sure you meet the general eligibility requirements, as well as the specific course prerequisites for your study abroad program.

Do I have to know a language in order to study abroad?
No! While there are study abroad courses that focus on language, we also offer courses that are taught in English. Below are some examples:

  • Business Management (BUS 476): India
  • Department of Ethnic and Race Studies (LAT 475): Argentina, Brazil and Mexico
  • Social Sciences (SSC 150; POL 476): Italy and Greece
  • Health Education (HED 476): Peru

If you do want to study abroad for language, BMCC has offered Chinese, French and Spanish in other countries. 

Can I take science courses abroad? 
Yes!  Other CUNY schools offer science courses in different countries. For example, the College of Staten Island has offered “Evolution, Ecology and Conservation in Ecuador and the Galapagos”, and Hunter College has offered “The Bahamas: Dolphin Behavior and Communication”. Learn how non-BMCC study abroad programs work.

What if I haven’t completed 12 credits?
You may still be able to apply. Students who have completed 9 credits by the time of application may request permission to apply from the Study Abroad Faculty Coordinator. Applicants who have completed 12+ credits will receive priority.

What if I haven’t completed the pre-requisite course?
You can still apply! Students who meet all eligibility requirements at the time of application will receive priority review. However, if you are in the process of completing the prerequisite course during the time of application, it is possible you can still be selected to study abroad.

I want to study abroad this summer but I’m graduating in the spring. Can I still apply?
Yes! You will simply need to push back your graduation to the summer if you are admitted to study abroad. This is to ensure you maintain a matriculated student status, which is a requirement of all BMCC Study Abroad Programs. If you plan to transfer in the fall, this should not affect your plans, but you may confirm with your transfer institution.

Can I use a tuition waiver for study abroad?
Yes! Students who are eligible for tuition waivers in the summer should be able to apply this to their study abroad course. Check in with the Academic Advisement and Transfer Center to see if you qualify for a tuition waiver.

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