Internship Host Site Toolbox

Our goal is to have every BMCC student engage in some form of experiential learning that connects them to their industry of interested before they graduate.  One form of experiential learning that we support is an academic or independent internship.

If your company or organization is interested in becoming an internship host site, we have information and resources available to assist with setting up an internship program.  If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us at

BMCC’s Academic Internship Program
There are a few academic departments at BMCC that include academic internships as part of the graduation requirement – Business Management, Accounting and Media Arts and Technology.

Quick Facts:

  • Students are matched to Internship Faculty who will work with both students and employers to find interns with the right skills and schedules
  • Students will obtain 2 credits for the experience and work with faculty from the beginning of the semester to the end of the semester to complete this course successfully.
  • Any industry partner can obtain a formal letter acknowledging or confirming academic credit through the Office of Internships and Experiential Learning, this will require the student to be registered in the same semester they are active as an intern.

We ask all of our industry partners to post all internship job descriptions to Career Express, there is a question on the registration form that will allow you to indicate whether credit is a requirement or optional.

Recruiting Credit-Bearing Interns:

  • The best time to recruit an intern from BMCC is 3-4 months before each semester begins.
    • We offer credit-bearing internship courses in the fall (May to August recruiting), spring (October to late January recruiting) and summer (late February to May recruiting).
  • Fall and spring semesters are on a 15 week schedule and the summer semester is a 10 week schedule – please reference our online Academic Calendar.

Internship Host Site – Supervisor Role
Our industry partners have great success as internship host sites.  Often, our department will field a multitude of questions pertaining to ‘what is expected’ from a host site.

An Industry Partner Guide is under development, we will post this to our site as soon as it is complete.  Here are some key points to consider when hosting an intern:

  • Sites are asked to provide the student with an educational opportunity to use the skills being developed through a major course of study.
    • While a certain amount of administrative and assistant tasks are commonplace, we do ask our internship sites to provide an experience that will help students further their knowledge, understanding and skills – not simply complete rote tasks.
  • Sites must provide BMCC with an internship position description, and we prefer every partner to have a Career Express account; not only does this help us match candidates to various roles, but also helps BMCC ensure opportunity equity.
  • If your require or hire a student who is obtaining academic credit for the experience, we ask all sites to identify an intern site supervisor and it is this supervisor that will complete a Supervisor Evaluation in a timely manner to assist internship faculty with grading.  Our evaluations are digital and we will need an accurate email address.
    • Our internship faculty reserve the right to conduct an internship site visit, we ask our industry partners to welcome a 30 minute visit –especially if they are new to hosting BMCC students.

Please note, we make every effort to work with faculty and carefully match and screen intern candidates.  Our industry partners are encouraged to conduct an interview to assess fit, and we acknowledge there is no obligation to accept any students referred.

Interested?  Email