Reasonable Accommodations

It is the Office of Accessibility’s responsibility to provide reasonable accommodations so that students with a disability have the opportunity to participate in all classes, activities and services open to the campus community. In order for this to occur, students must register with the Office of Accessibility and provide appropriate documentation of their disability. Services and accommodations will be determined on an individual basis by the director of Office of Accessibility based on all available information.

The following are just some examples of the services and accommodations that are most commonly provided:

Interpreters/signers: In certain cases, an American Sign Language Interpreter will be provided as needed, and with no cost to the student, for all classes and related college activities. Students must request this service prior to the start of each semester.

Note takers: In certain cases, note-taking services may be provided for class lectures. It may also be arranged that professors provide own notes or make class notes available online.

Tape-recorded classes: In certain cases, students may be allowed to tape record their class lectures. Digital tape recorders and recording pens are available for loan through the Office of Accessibility.

Use of a calculator: In certain cases, the use of a calculator may be permitted for math classes.

Arrangements: In certain cases, students may be provided with special seating arrangements, such as seating in the front of the room or an accessible desk.

Testing accommodations: In certain cases, students may be afforded certain accommodations during examinations. Some examples of such accommodations are:

  • Extended time: In many cases, students are provided extended time to complete an exam, typically double the time assigned by the instructor.
  • Readers/scribes: In certain cases, students may be provided with someone to read to them or write for them during an exam.
  • Spell checker: In some cases, students may be allowed to use a dictionary or spell-checking device for certain exams.

Office of Accessibility

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Phone: (212) 220 – 8180
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