Frequently Asked Questions for Students

Applications For Services

  • The Office of Accessibility (OA) is currently accepting applications. Students diagnosed with a disability who request services are required to provide appropriate and current documentation. Please be sure to check the CUNY Disability Documentation Guidelines when submitting documentation.
  • As explained in the CUNY Disability Documentation Guidelines, please keep in mind that prior documentation such as an Individualized Education Program (IEP) or a history of receiving accommodations from a former school does not necessarily validate the need for services or continuation of accommodations at the university level. However, this history and these documents can be attached to current documentation.
  • Once you’ve been approved for services you will be contacted by an Office of Accessibility team member to set up an initial meeting. So, be sure to check your email regularly.

Note Takers

  • If you have been approved for a note-taker as one of your accommodations, you should still have one for your remote learning class.
  • Your professors and note takers have been notified of the new procedures and who will have a note taker. Please contact Kokou at with any questions or concerns.

Learning Resource Center and Online Tutoring

  • All In-Person tutoring is now online.
  • Go to the Learning Resource Center and select Online Tutoring to learn about “Upswing” the new tutoring system, as well as other related questions you might have.