Modern Languages: Spanish (A.A.)

students visiting Spain plus Spanish writing and translation on paper

Speaking Spanish is a major asset as there are over 500 million people worldwide who speak the language. It is also one of the official languages of the United Nations. There is much to explore in the Spanish-speaking world—cinema, literature, music, and the visual arts. Whether you study for career enhancement or personal interest, learning Spanish will enrich your life.

Graduates with a specialization in Spanish are in demand as bilingual educators, translators, and interpreters. Our graduates have gone on to pursue degrees at senior colleges within the CUNY system, including Hunter, City, Lehman, and Brooklyn. They are also highly desired in law schools, business programs, and the travel and hospitality industries. They make highly competitive candidates when applying for positions in marketing, media and communications, international relations, and government.

Study Abroad

Students who specialize in Spanish typically participate in our study abroad program in Spain, earning credits towards their degree. They can also spend an entire semester in a Latin American country through the many CUNY study abroad programs (often covered by financial aid, including grants and scholarships).

Faculty Expertise

Our world-class, award-winning faculty offers a curriculum spanning literary and cultural traditions from the Middle Ages to the present. We also incorporate student-centered pedagogical approaches to foster analytical skills and critical thinking. As students move onto upper-level courses in culture and literature, they build a strong foundation for the analysis of such key issues as gender, race, class, power relations, and the legacy of coloniality in today’s global scene.

Why wait–contact the Modern Languages Department to find a Spanish course that is right for you!

Transfer Options

This program fully articulates with Hunter College and Brooklyn College’s bachelor degree programs in Spanish languages and translation so that you can seamlessly continue your education there without any loss of credits.

Explore Careers

BMCC is committed to  students’ long-term success and will help you explore professional opportunities. Undecided? No problem. The college offers Career Coach for salary and employment information, job postings and a self-discovery assessment to help students find their academic and career paths. Visit Career Express to make an appointment with a career advisor, search for jobs or sign-up for professional development activities with the Center for Career Development. Students can also visit the Office of Internships and Experiential Learning to gain real world experience in preparation for a four-year degree and beyond. These opportunities are available to help BMCC students build a foundation for future success.

Explore career paths for Modern Languages (pdf)


Required Common Core

Flexible Core1

Curriculum Requirements

Spanish Language Requirement 2
Program Electives 3
General Electives
Total Curriculum Requirements
Total Program Requirements



  1. No more than two courses in any discipline or interdisciplinary field can be used to satisfy Flexible Common Core requirements.
  2. Choose 15 credits all SPN courses 200-level or above with at least 6 credits from level 300 and above.
  3. Choose 9 credits from ART 125, ART 221, ENG 338, HED 476, LIN 100, LIN 110, LIN 210, SPN 485, MUS 881, any LAT course, any FRN course, any ITL course, any TRS course, or any PRT course.


Please note, these requirements are effective the 2022-2023 catalog year. Please check your DegreeWorks account for your specific degree requirements as when you began at BMCC will determine your program requirements.

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