Modern Languages

As one of our alumni likes to say, “Speaking another language opens doors.” It makes you a more competitive job candidate and dramatically expands your career options from the local to the global. Our mission is to help you achieve your personal and professional goals by giving you access to new linguistic, cultural, and intellectual options.

Spring 2022 Language Course Options

In our Spring 2022 class schedule (pdf) we offer face-to-face classes, Zoom classes, hybrid classes, and asynchronous classes. Asynchronous classes have no meetings on campus or online–you work on your own and are required to complete assignments by due dates.

Another option are the 8 week Spring Express classes (pdf) beginning 3/28/22 in French, Spanish and Italian. Spring Express was designed to give students more choices.

Fill out the language level assessment form so we can help you find the right level of a language course.

International Faculty

Our faculty have been trained at renowned institutions across the United States and other parts of the world, bringing a wide array of research and teaching interests to the classroom. Their work as scholars and educators has been recognized as keeping abreast with the most cutting-edge approaches in the study of world languages, cultures, and literatures.

Global Literacy

Students who take classes in modern languages, literature and culture have an advantage in the job market. This advantage is global literacy, a skill increasingly in demand by employers. Global literacy includes developing written and oral communication skills in other languages, knowledge and appreciation of various cultures, exposure to new technologies, and building critical thinking, social responsibility, and a sense of global citizenship.

Over 60 Language Courses

Students can take language courses to meet their Language or World Cultures and Global Issues requirements, or as general electives while pursuing their major. You can choose to major in Modern Languages, with  specializations in French, Italian or Spanish or take courses in Arabic, American Sign Language (ASL) and Chinese. Explore our Study Abroad programs, or complete our Certificate in Spanish Translation.

We offer courses for Heritage/Native Speakers, who learned a language through their families and communities but had no or little formal training.

We also offer courses taught in English. These courses focus on film, literature and culture rather than the language itself.

Outside the Classroom

Located in the heart of New York City, and with students from around the world, BMCC offers an ideal location to gain a broader perspective of world cultures. Here, you will have opportunities to expand your network by engaging with faculty and other students of different backgrounds through extracurricular activities, student clubs, symposiums, film festivals, literary and cultural events, study abroad, and more. Our world-class faculty members are ready to challenge and support you on your academic journey.

Our goal is for you to have an experience that builds and integrates a meaningful set of learning activities to prepare you for a successful and fulfilling personal, civic, and professional life.

We care deeply about student success, and value learning that extends beyond the classroom.

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