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Fall 2021 Courses

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Courses for Heritage/Native Speakers

These courses are for students who learned a language through their families and communities but had no or little formal training. They include Elementary Arabic for heritage speakers (ARB 107), Elementary Chinese for heritage speakers (CHI 107), and an entire heritage track in Spanish (SPN 107-108 for the elementary level, and SPN 207-208 for the intermediate level). In French, our upper levels (FRN 200, FRN 204, FRN 210, and FRN 455, FRN 456) blend in traditional and heritage learning methodologies.

Courses Taught in English

These courses focus on film, literature and culture rather than the language itself. They include Literature, Culture, and Civilization of China (CHI 170), French Caribbean Literature in Translation (FRN 160), French-Speaking Women Writers in Translation (FRN 161), Literature, Culture and Civilization of Italy (ITL 170), Italian Cinema in Context (ITL 205) and Modern Italian Theater (ITL 312).

American Sign Language


Elementary Arabic I
Elementary Arabic II
Arabic III
Arabic IV


Chinese I
Chinese II
Introductory Chinese I
Introductory Chinese II
Chinese III
Chinese IV


French I
French II
Introductory French I
Introductory French II
French III
French IV


German I
German II


Italian I
Italian II
Introductory Italian I
Introductory Italian II
Italian III
Italian IV


Spanish I
Spanish II
Introductory Spanish I
Introductory Spanish II
Spanish III
Spanish IV

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