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We offer face-to-face classes, Zoom classes, hybrid classes, and asynchronous classes. Asynchronous classes have no meetings on campus or online–you work on your own and are required to complete assignments by due dates.

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Course Sequences

See the Modern Languages Course Sequences (pdf) for assistance selecting your next course. Contact the Modern Languages Department if you have any questions.

Heritage or native speaker courses are for students who learned a language through their families and communities but had no or little formal training. They include Elementary Arabic for heritage speakers (ARB 107), Elementary Chinese for heritage speakers (CHI 107), and an entire heritage track in Spanish (SPN 107-108 for the elementary level, and SPN 207 for the intermediate level). In French, our upper levels (FRN 200, FRN 204, FRN 210, and FRN 300) blend in traditional and heritage learning methodologies.

These courses focus on film, literature and culture rather than the language itself. They include Literature, Culture, and Civilization of China (CHI 170E), French Caribbean Literature in Translation (FRN 280E), French-Speaking Women Writers in Translation (FRN 281E), Literature, Culture and Civilization of Italy (ITL 170E), Italian Cinema in Context (ITL 205E) and Modern Italian Theater (ITL 312E).

We offer courses which are taught completely in Spanish. Learn about our courses taught in Spanish (pdf).

American Sign Language


Elementary Arabic I
Elementary Arabic II
Intermediate Arabic I


Chinese I
Chinese II
Elementary Chinese I
Elementary Chinese II
Intermediate Chinese I
Intermediate Chinese II


French I
French II
Elementary French I
Elementary French II


German I
German II


Italian I
Italian II
Elementary Italian I
Elementary Italian II
Advanced Italian


Elementary Portuguese I
Elementary Portuguese II


Spanish I
Spanish II
Elementary Spanish I
Elementary Spanish II
Advanced Spanish

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