student's hands practicing Arabic calligraphy

The rich artistic, religious and intellectual history of the Arab world dates back thousands of years and includes a myriad of cultures and traditions throughout the Middle East and North Africa. An official language in over 20 different countries, Arabic is spoken today by nearly 300 million people. It is also spoken at the United Nations, where it plays a key role in global communications and international affairs. While Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) is the written language of official communication across the Arabic-speaking world, each region features its own variations and cultural traditions.

Arabic is an asset for students interested in pursuing a degree in translation/interpretation, economics, anthropology, public health, or history. The U.S Department of State has listed Arabic as one of the languages critical to U.S. national security and economic prosperity.

Students wishing to deepen their skills in Arabic can major in Liberal Arts, take as many courses as possible in this language, and transfer to Hunter College, where they can pursue a B.A in Arabic. Our courses in Arabic are fully articulated with the program in Arabic at Hunter College.

Other opportunities for exposure to Arabic include the Arab Students Association and external scholarship programs, including the Critical Languages Scholarship Program offered by the U.S. Department of State.

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