SafeZone Training

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SafeZone Training is organized by the BMCC SafeZone Committee. The training dives into how to become better allies and create a safe and inclusive space for the Queer Community at BMCC and beyond. The training explores LGBTQIA+ identities, gender, sexuality, expression, and intersectionality, while also examining prejudice, societal expectations, and privilege. The training is open to all  BMCC students, faculty and staff.

All participants who complete the 2.5 hours training will be SafeZone certified for 2 years (from the semester of their training date) and will get a SafeZone email signature logo to verify they are SafeZone Trained.

Students who complete the training will have the training noted on their Co-Curricular Transcript (CCT) .

How to Get SafeZone Trained

Join an a Campus-wide SafeZone Trainings

Campus-wide SafeZone Trainings are offered each semester. The training is open to all BMCC students, faculty and staff.  Registration is required and is capped after the first 50 registrants and is only offered virtually at this time. 

For updates on upcoming trainings and registration, check out our calendar of events. For more information please email

Request a SafeZone Training

SafeZone Training can be requested by departments, offices, student clubs, professors, cohorts etc.  For more details on requesting a training, please submit the request from below or visit our Workshops and Training menu to learn more about all the presentations we offer.