Campus Community Restroom Signage

At BMCC, our understanding of diversity is continuing to expand. In response to the awareness and needs of our transgender community members, BMCC is posting signs in all single-sex facilities, including restroom and lockers rooms stating: “Under the law, all individuals have the right to use the single-sex facility consistent with the gender identity or expression.” In addition, BMCC is posting signs outside single-occupancy restrooms that state: “This restroom may be used by persons of all genders.”

A CUNY-wide legal and administrative task force is currently being constituted to review legal requirements and best practices related to issues of gender identity and gender expression, and to formulate guidance to ensure that CUNY is in compliance with the law and addresses these issues in an appropriate and thoughtful manner. Based on the conclusions of the task force, the CUNY Office of the General Counsel and Senior Vice Chancellor for Legal Affairs will issue further guidance addressing these issues in more detail, including related issues such as preferred names and pronouns, residence hall policies, and education and training. For more information, visit

BMCC Offers All-Gender Restrooms

These single-user restrooms have been given new signage, officially identifying them as all-gender restrooms and facilitating a safer environment for all members of our college community, regardless of gender identity or expression. These restrooms can be accessed without a key or ID card. For guaranteed privacy, everyone should remember to use the inside locks while using these restrooms.

The all-gender restrooms are located on 3 South, 4 North and the Lower Level of Theatre I in the Chambers Street building, and on the 3rd floor of the Murray Street building.

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