Employee Appreciation Awards

The BMCC Employee Appreciation Awards are presented to full- and part-time administrative and/or support and service staff members who were nominated in appreciation of their overall quality of work and dedication to the College. Eligible staff levels include: Civil Service series (including Provisional); College Assistants; Research Foundation employees; Gittleson (COA, CSA, CAA); and HEO Title Series.

Selection qualities recognize an employee’s ability to demonstrate initiative, leadership, responsibility and innovation while working at BMCC. In addition, recognition should support the college’s mission of advancing equity, inclusion and diversity through individual and team projects. Outside activities relating to the person’s work (activities in work-related organizations or service to campus and community organizations) may also be considered.

The BMCC Employee Appreciation Program recognizes outstanding achievement, performance, creative contributions, and/or improvement beyond what is normally expected of employees. Consideration may be given to such factors as special contributions to the College as a whole, successful completion of a special project, ideas for improved work methods, or outstanding dedication to the College.

Award Categories and Criteria

Leadership Award: recognizes an outstanding full or part-time staff member(s) (from any employment classification level) that helps BMCC meet its strategic initiatives and contributes to the attainment of the College’s goals; performs above and beyond the normal scope of their position and responsibilities at BMCC; and is an outstanding example of leadership and effectiveness.

Inspiration Award: recognizes an outstanding full or part-time staff member(s) (from any employment classification level) who inspires other members of the BMCC community to perform at a high level, provides guidance and assistance to the college community; shares talents, creativity, and special skills in ways that connect departments to one another, to the campus, or to the community at large; improves the climate or morale of the college; and volunteers on campus, community, university, or beyond.

Innovation/Technology Award: recognizes an outstanding full or part-time staff member(s) (from any employment classification level) who uses or develops new processes, approaches, or technologies to demonstrate outstanding creativity in addressing challenges that are linked to BMCC’s mission and reputation, and/or allow BMCC to operate more efficiently and effectively; enhances the quality of work-life in ways that make a significant difference for colleagues or students through their development of creative solutions to problems that result in significantly more effective and efficient department or college operations.

Rookie of the Year: recognizes an outstanding full or part-time staff member(s) (from any employment classification level) who has been working at BMCC for no less than six (6) months and no more than two (2) years in their current title and have an overall good work record. This staff member will be recognized for his/her ability to adjust to the new work environment while demonstrating outstanding enthusiasm and a high level of energy; displays initiative and self-motivation; demonstrates effective collegial interactions when facing new or difficult tasks; and contributes innovative and useful ideas and shares them with others.

Team Achievement Award: recognizes superior performance by one or more BMCC office, department, committee, team, working group, unit or division in support of enhancing the College’s mission and priorities; collaboration and partnership with other offices and divisions, and units across the College; and promotes outstanding service and consistently completes projects on time and within budget while promoting a productive, safe, and healthy work environment; and displays outstanding leadership qualities through teamwork.

Nominations and Selection Process

  • Nominations must be submitted online by the nominee’s direct supervisor or by any BMCC faculty, staff, or student.
  • Nominations must reflect contributions made during the (current/present) academic year for which the nominee will be recognized.
  • Selection is made by majority vote of the Employee Appreciation Committee. More than one awardee may selected by the committee in all categories.
  • Employee Appreciation Awards will be announced and presented once a year.
  • Winners are ineligible to win for two consecutive years.

Nomination and recognition schedule will be as follows:
Nomination time period: July 1 – June 30 (one academic year)

  • Deadline for nominations is May 6, 2022.
  • Announcement of nominees is May 19, 2022.
    See the Nominees
  • Winners will be announced on Thursday, June 9, 2022.

Awards and Appreciation

Staff members selected for the Employee Appreciation Awards will receive:

  • A certificate of recognition
  • Plaque/Award
  • An announcement/listing in the @BMCC e-newsletter
  • An announcement displayed on the College’s digital screens

Employee Appreciation Committee

  • Loriann Mazzola (co-chair)
  • Nandrani Algu
  • Beth Cooperman
  • Onika Duke
  • Jose Flores
  • Samantha Ramirez
  • Carmel Urbaez

Employee Appreciation Committee Members

  • Are nominated/appointed by the President’s Cabinet.
  • Maintain confidentiality on the subject of nominees, and on the selection process.
  • Serve a two-year term on the Employee Appreciation Committee. After serving two years, a committee member may either choose to step down from the committee or continue to serve (year-to-year).
  • Are ineligible for nomination for the duration of his/her two-year term on the committee.
  • Assist in the planning (logistics, etc.) and presentation of the BMCC Employee Appreciation Awards.
  • Receive recognition for their service on the Employee Appreciation Committee during the duration of the nomination and selection process.
  • Will have fun and share creative ways of ensuring that BMCC employees are recognized and appreciated!!

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