Employee Recognition Programs

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Borough of Manhattan Community College is proud to recognize the service and dedication of all its employees who provide quality service and embrace the college’s mission. BMCC’s Employee Recognition Programs open channels of communication, reinforce organizational values and culture, and enhance self-worth and self-confidence. BMCC employees contribute to the diverse ethnic and cultural fabric of higher education by addressing the needs of students and working with faculty and fellow employees every day.

BMCC cultivates an environment where employees contribute to the life-long learning of the citizens of New York City and beyond.

Employee Appreciation Awards recognize outstanding achievement, performance, creative contributions, and/or improvements beyond what is normally expected of employees. Consideration may be given to such factors as special contributions to the College as a whole, successful completion of a special project, ideas for improved work methods, or outstanding dedication to the College. Eligible staff levels include: Civil Service series (including Provisional); College Assistants; Research Foundation employees; Gittleson (COA, CSA, CAA); and HEO Title Series.

Years of Service Awards celebrates the commitment of BMCC’s faculty and staff who have reached milestone years during their time with the college and honors those who have dedicated quality time, energy and hard work to BMCC. Two groups are recognized: 1) Civil Service series (including Provisional); College Assistants; Gittleson (COA, CSA, CAA); and 2) Faculty and HEO Title Series.

The BMCC Distinguished Teaching Award recognizes faculty whose sustained excellence in teaching incites intellectual curiosity in students, inspires colleagues both within and outside his/her department, and demonstrates effective and innovative pedagogy with clear evidence of student learning gains.