Training and Development

Fostering employee growth and development is a critical component of the College’s mission—to provide educational opportunities to for those who seek self-improvement. The Office of Human Resources is dedicated to providing both training and development resources designed to enhance the knowledge, skills, and competencies of college personnel.

Professional Development

Employees looking to grow their skillset may take advantage of the following:

Workplace Violence Prevention (WPV) and Employee Sexual and Interpersonal Violence Prevention and Response Course (ESPARC)

The University’s Employee Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response Course (ESPARC) and the Workplace Violence Prevention Training (WVP) is now available for the 2023-2024 academic year.

All part-time employees, including adjuncts, are responsible for completing both training courses by the end of the current semester (May 20, 2024) to ensure their completion is logged by the University.  Inactive employees on a short work break or leave of absence in CUNYfirst will not have access to the courses. All full-time employees will have until Friday, May 31st to complete the training.

Also, starting this academic year, all Human Resources Professionals, as well as CUNY managers with direct reports must complete the state-mandated Gender Based Violence Training (GBVT). All full-time employees will have until Friday, May 31st and all part time employees should complete by the end of the current semester to ensure their completion is logged by the University.

Active employees are automatically registered for the trainings in Blackboard. Employees can sign into their CUNY Blackboard account and navigate to My Organizations to view and complete both the ESPARC and WVP trainings. Employees who are also required to complete the new Gender Based Violence Training will find the course listed under My Organizations in Blackboard as well. Step-by-step instructions for completing the trainings can be found on the course Announcements page. New hires will have access to their courses on the next business day after becoming an active employee in CUNYfirst.

Please note that all employees will receive bi-weekly email notifications until completing the required trainings. If you continue to receive notifications after completing the trainings, please log back into Blackboard and confirm that you have selected “Mark Reviewed” on the final page of the training. This will log your completion.

Employees with questions about the trainings can access the Compliance Training FAQs or contact Lori Mazzola (