2021–2022 Employee Appreciation Awards

Leadership Award

  • Luis Mendez (Financial Aid)


  • Mohammad Alam (Enrollment Management)
  • Venita Andrews (Academic Affairs)
  • Alfonzo Bravo (Academic Affairs)
  • David Brosnan (Buildings and Grounds)
  • Lewis Brown (ASAP)
  • Wayne Carey (ASAP)
  • Gina Cherry (Academic Affairs)
  • Ana Daniels (Ethnic and Race Studies)
  • Leticia Dinkins (Learning Resource Center)
  • Giovanni A. Gallaread (Admissions)
  • Daphne Gilles (Accessibility Office)
  • Jennifer Heron-Peralte (Media Arts and Technology)
  • Joanne Jaquez (ASAP)
  • Ena Jordan (Academic Affairs)
  • Sheryl Love (ASAP)
  • Jonathan Matamoros (Academic Advisement and Transfer Center)
  • Luis Mendez (Financial Aid)
  • Amy Ojerholm (Counseling Center)
  • Vivian Ong (Human Resources)
  • Pedro Perez (College Discovery)
  • Andy Pina (RF/Academic Affairs)
  • Vaughn Robinson (Academic Affairs)
  • Ashley Santiago (Reprographics)
  • Mohamed Sofaini (Modern Languages)
  • Melvin Trotman (Receiving and Stores)
  • Christina Waszak (Student Activities)

Team Achievement Award


  • Registrar’s Office


  • Accessibility Office
  • ASAP
  • BMCC Learning Academy
  • Buildings and Grounds
  • College Discovery
  • Counseling Center
  • Library
  • Mail and Messenger Services
  • Public Safety
  • Receiving and Stores
  • Registrar’s Office
  • Student Affairs

Inspiration Award

  • Sussie Gyamfi (Student Affairs)
  • Harry Mars (Student Activities)
  • Theresa Wade (Office of Diversity)


  • Wafa Abdel-Hamid (Kelly) (Enrollment Management)
  • Marco A. Alverio (ASAP)
  • Jane Asare (Human Resources)
  • Ray Bartholomew (ASAP)
  • Nestor Borrero (Counseling Center)
  • Alfonso Bravo (Academic Affairs)
  • Wayne Carey (ASAP)
  • Andre Chandler (Academic Literacy and Linguistics)
  • Leonore Gonzalez (Purchasing and Contracts)
  • Sussie Gyamfi (Student Affairs)
  • Joanne Jaquez (ASAP)
  • Albert Lee (Student Affairs)
  • Sheryl Love (ASAP)
  • Harry Mars (Student Activities)
  • Adom Martin (Information Resources and Technology)
  • Philtrice Mixson (Mathematics)
  • Christine M. Orbeta (Academic Advisement and Transfer Center)
  • Derrick J. Pace (ASAP)
  • Alexis D. Pistone (Academic Affairs)
  • Roseann Ragone, (Enrollment Management)
  • Maria Ramirez (Academic Advisement and Transfer Center)
  • Vanessa Rozzelle (College Discovery)
  • Carei Thomas (Academic Advisement and Transfer Center)
  • Theresa Wade (Compliance and Diversity)
  • Hallie Weiner (Counseling Center)
  • Lisa White (Media Center)
  • Nathan Whyte (Receiving and Stores)

Innovation/Technology Award

  • Lisa White (Media Center)


  • Andrew Bartholomew (ASAP)
  • John Huie (Academic Affairs)
  • Vaughn Robinson (Information Resources and Technology)
  • Lisa White (Media Center)

Rookie of the Year

  • Rena Francis (Internships and Experiential Learning)


  • Alfonzo Bravo (Student Affairs)
  • Rena Francis (Internships and Experiential Learning)
  • Toria Garner (ASAP)
  • Bianca Maxil (Human Resources)
  • Joshua Mitchell (Buildings and Grounds)
  • Maria Tejada (Research Foundation)