Frequently Asked Questions for Current College Now Students

Student Services

1. Are College Now students eligible for any ccholarships?

The Myself Third scholarship is specifically available to College Now students who are involved in community service. For further information, contact Diedre Anderson, College Now director, at

2. Are there any other services provided to College Now students?

You get to participate in programs like Model City Council, where you will learn how local government operates, meet and work with local government leaders and push through a city ordinance. See the full scope of student services. These services include:

In another part of the BMCC website, you will find several pages of Racial Injustice information and resources.

3. What if I need help?

Like any BMCC student having difficulty with coursework, you have a variety of academic support resources at your disposal. See student services for more information.

Do not let little problems become big problems. If you feel yourself falling behind in class, don’t be afraid to approach your instructor. Faculty are here to teach; make sure they know you need help before you reach the point where you cannot possibly complete the course successfully.

4. Don’t college courses assign tons of work? What if I have to skip a class?

This is where time management skills are important. Doing a portion of your weekly assignment or reading every day is crucial so that an entire assignment does not come due immediately before class and lead to the temptation of “skipping” a day (week) to catch up. If you must skip a day so that you may participate in PSAT or SAT exams, make sure that your professor knows in advance so that you can get your assignment in advance (which should also be on your syllabus). Have a friend in class who can share notes with you and keep you informed about details or assignments you have missed.

5. How else is college different from high school?

In college you are expected to participate because you are personally committed, not because you are required to be present by law. College professors do not follow-up on missing assignments or homework. You will not be asked why you were absent if you do not appear for class. However, you may find that many professors drop you a full letter grade if you are frequently late, absent or return late from class breaks. You may also lose points if you arrive for class unprepared (having not read required texts) and are unable to participate in class discussions. If you fail exams, or are absent for them, there may not be an opportunity for a make up exam. In college classes, your point of view and your participation are crucial to the successful passing of the course.

Absences and Dropping Courses

6. Are students required to stay in the program?

If you try a College Now course and decide it’s not for you, you are not obligated to sign-up for additional courses or activities. But most College Now students do choose to participate for many semesters.

7. Can I drop a course?

Just like in college, once you register for a course, you are responsible for completing the requisite coursework. Withdrawing from a course is a serious matter and will be reflected on your official college transcript. Withdrawing should only be considered after speaking with your instructor and your CN liaison.

If you should choose to withdraw, you must complete an official college withdrawal form, have it signed by your instructor and CN liaison, and return it to the College Registrar’s Office before the deadline date. (W deadline is reflected on the Academic Calendar.)

Class Participation

Participation in the academic activity of each course is a significant component of the learning process and plays a major role in determining overall student academic achievement. Academic activities may include, but are not limited to, attending class, submitting assignments, engaging in in-class or online activities, taking exams, and/or participating in group work. Each instructor has the right to establish their own class participation policy, and it is each student’s responsibility to be familiar with and follow the participation policies for each course.

8. If my high school is closed, do I still have to attend my class?

If you attend your college course at your high school, the class schedule will complement the Department of Education (DOE) schedule, meaning that when your high school is closed your class will not be in session. However, if your class is held at the BMCC campus, and your high school is closed, you will be expected to attend your college class as long as BMCC is open and class is in session. If you have any questions, ask your professor, but if the class is cancelled or scheduled to run on a different day, you will be expected to stay informed and to attend all sessions.

Sometimes you will hear that a course is scheduled as follows: “Monday classes will run according to Tuesday schedule.” If you are attending a class on the BMCC campus that usually meets on Monday and you read this on your schedule, it means that you will attend your class on Tuesday instead of Monday.

Credits and Course Load

9. How many credits can I take?

We know taking college classes can be a lot of fun. We also know that you don’t mind saving on your college tuition by taking advantage of the program. But, all good things in moderation—you’re limited to 12 college credits total.

10. Will the credits I earn as a College Now student transfer?

Yes. Like any BMCC-CUNY student, credits you earn as a College Now student will transfer within the CUNY system. However, transferring credits to schools outside the City University of New York system will be at the discretion of that institution.

You can request a transcript of your College Now courses from the Registrar and submit this to whichever college you have decided to attend. Please confirm the procedure for transferring credits with the college you will be attending, after you have been accepted.

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