Immigrant and Undocumented Student Support

BMCC is available to assist students who need support and resources to address matters related to immigration. The college provides information about relevant institutional policies, legislation and executive orders, including those affecting international students, permanent residents and students with Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

DACA Update as of 12/7/2020

Several cases have altered the status of the DACA Program over the past few years. The most recent court order has restored DACA to the policies in effect prior to September 5, 2017.

What does this mean?

  • You may be eligible to apply for DACA for the first time if you meet the requirements.
  • You may renew your DACA if it has expired.
  • You may be able to apply for advance parole for international travel
  • Current one-year DACA and Employment Authorization Documents will be extended to two years.

Why should I act now?
Other cases are making their way through the courts and it is possible that this decision could be reversed. We encourage interested students to review our Outside Resources page to connect with qualified immigration experts for guidance on eligibility and application support for DACA and advance parole.

For more information, see CUNY Citizenship Now and Informed Immigrant.

Temporary Protected Status (TPS)

There have been several changes to Temporary Protected Status (TPS) over the last few months. TPS has expired in some cases. For some countries, it is still in place. Students and their family members’ TPS designation and employment authorization remain valid until the expiration date listed on their employment authorization cards. More information about which countries are affected.