Frequently Asked Questions

1. I am an undocumented student — will I be able to attend BMCC?
Yes! Your immigration status does not exclude you in the admissions process and attending BMCC.

2. I am asked to provide a social security number to claim my email but I don’t have one — what do I do?
Students without social security numbers are assigned a number during the admissions process. You will need to contact the BMCC User Support Service Desk for help. It is recommended that you try calling first during operating hours and if no one is available, then you must submit a ticket online.

3. Is there a center for undocumented/immigrant students?
There isn’t a center for immigrant students at BMCC, but the Student Success team provides support and assistance. See our Immigrant and Undocumented Student Support webpages for contacts and other information.

4. Is there an on-campus support system for undocumented students?
Yes. Students will find support in various outlets on campus, including and not limited to clubs, peer mentoring, student leadership and campus resources. See the Student Hub webpage for a list of programs and services open to all BMCC students.

5. How do I do my required internship is I cannot provide a social security number?
These questions should be raised with the department chair for the course. Some internships do require work authorization required by the New York State Education Department which oversee certifications and licenses.

6. Can I work at BMCC?
Yes and No. If the position is a college assistant position you need to provide work authorization, a tax ID number is not sufficient. If the position on campus is funded by Federal Work-study then only students who have federal work-study allocations in financial aid packages can work these positions.

7. I am an undocumented student— will I be eligible for financial aid?
Please consult our office or the Financial Aid office. The answer to this question is contingent on the information you can provide about your current immigration status.

8. Can I apply for federal financial aid (FAFSA)?
The FAFSA is an application for federal financial aid (Pell grant, federal student loans and federal work study). If you are an US citizen or “green card holder” you are eligible to apply for this aid. There are also categories of students who are eligible for federal aid who are on the eligible non-citizen list (click here to review) Many students with DACA, asylum seeking or TPS have been able to complete this application with tax information and assigned temporary social security numbers but the aid will not be processed because the social security number will be rejected. When a student who is not eligible applies for federal aid it might block them from receiving state aid through the NYS Dream act because their FAFSA is unresolved not rejected.

9. Are there any majors that would have significant barriers to attaining a career?
Immigration status will not stop a student from completing most degrees. Students will face significant barriers for jobs that require certification and licensure. It is recommended for students to review the New York State Education Department’s Office of the Professions website for information regarding credentialing.