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Introduction to Business

BUS 104    3 Credits
Business and industry in the United States are surveyed broadly in this course. Emphasis is placed on the historical development, objectives, methods of operation, and the interrelationships of management, labor and government. Included is the study of new developments and trends in business administration and the problems they engender in the total management process.

Critical Thinking
CRT 100     3 Credits
Critical Thinking is designed to develop the mind and help students learn to think clearly and effectively. Through substantive readings, structured writing assignments and ongoing discussions, students will examine concrete examples from their own experience and readings and contemporary issues in the media to learn how to analyze issues, solve problems, and make informed decisions in their academic, professional, and personal lives.

Computer Programming I
CSC 110     3 Credits
This course introduces the student to the theoretical and practical aspects of computers. The major laboratory experience is the completion of programming projects using Polya’s four-step method. These projects have been carefully selected and ordered to provide the student with experience in fundamental control and data structures. All practical programming work is done on microcomputers.

Comprehensive Health Education
HED 110     3 Credits
This course in health educations offers a comprehensive approach that provides students with the knowledge, skills, and behavioral models to enhance their physical, emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual health as well as facilitate their health decision-making ability. Areas of specialization include: alcohol, tobacco and abused substances, mental and emotional health, human sexuality and family living, nutrition, physical fitness, cardiovascular health, environmental health and health care delivery. HED 110 fulfills all degree requirements for HE 100. Students who have completed HED 100 – Health Education will not receive credit for this course.

Introduction to Human Services & Social Work
HUM 101     3 Credits
This course introduces students to the field of Human Services and the profession of Social Work. Those human services which deal with social and personal problems are explored as well as the knowledge base, the skills base and the values base of the social work profession. Students are exposed to the methods of working with people as individuals, in groups and on a community level. This course meets the requirements as a liberal arts elective in social science.

Basic Music
MUS 105      3 Credits
This is an introductory level class for the music major, the education major, or the layperson. Students will learn to read music, play a keyboard instrument, sight-sing and take dictation. This course is not open to students who have completed MUS 101, MUS 113 or MUS 140.

General Psychology
PSY 100     3 Credits
This course stresses adaptive human behavior in relation to the environment. Topics considered include: origins and methods of psychology, neuropsychological bases of behavior, maturation, motivation, emotion, learning frustration and conflict.

Introduction to Sociology
SOC 100     3 Credits
This course analyzes the structure, processes and products associated with group living. Attention is focused on the concepts of social organization, culture, groups, stratification, major social institutions and significant trends in group living.

Fundamentals of Speech
SPE 100     3 Credits
This course is recommended for those whose native language is not English. It addresses fundamentals of speech communication, as does SPE 100, but provides special emphasis in vocabulary building, pronunciation, and enunciation. Classwork is implemented through the use of recordings, individual and group drills, interpersonal exercises, oral readings, and impromptu and prepared group discussions and speeches. Weekly speech tutoring is required. This course satisfies the equivalent for, and may be taken instead of, SPE 100. Credit is given for SPE 102 or SPE 100, but not for both classes.

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