Frequently Asked Questions

All students accepted and committed to attending BMCC are welcome to apply.

Students must meet the following criteria to meet program eligibility. Please note that meeting program eligibility does not guarantee admission into the program.

  • Be eligible for in-city tuition
  • Have no more than 30 credits and be in good academic standing
  • Have a qualifying CUNY developmental Math and/or English placement
  • Be in an ASAP-approved major and not currently enrolled in another BMCC Success program

Before applying to BMCC ASAP, it is important that you complete all general BMCC Admission Requirements. These include updating your school residency, submitting immunization records, and eliminating any hold on your CUNY First account. These are things that we take into consideration when determining eligibility for ASAP.

Our online application opens in February and closes once we reach our capacity. Prospective students are encouraged to apply early and after they complete all BMCC admissions and enrollment requirements. BMCC ASAP offers fall-only admission. It is important to note that the BMCC ASAP application is only available on this website. The ASAP Eligibility Checklist found on the ASAP Central website is not an application for BMCC ASAP.

ASAP begins reviewing applications in early May in the order they were received. Students are admitted on a first-come-first-serve eligibility basis. It is important to note that a decision of eligibility is not an acceptance into the program. Students need to take a few additional steps in order to secure their spot in ASAP.

If you are eligible for ASAP, you will receive an invitation to attend a registration session. All eligible students who want to enroll in ASAP must attend a registration session. Completing this step secures your spot in ASAP.

If you are not eligible for ASAP, you may take steps to become eligible. When possible, students are encouraged to update their residency status, complete remedial courses, or bring up their GPA in time for fall admission. Students who are able to take care of their eligibility issue in a timely manner may still be able to join ASAP in the fall. It is important to note that students must inform the ASAP Recruitment team of any changes in their eligibility if they wish to be reconsidered.

Students who are not placed in a qualifying developmental Math and/or English course are strongly encouraged to join our partner program, CUNY Start. In only one semester, CUNY Start helps students address up to three subject needs while they prepare for college-level coursework and to meet CUNY’s proficiency standards. Did you know? 75% of eligible CUNY Start and Math Start students have joined ASAP thanks to our formal partnership.

Yes, all eligible students who attend the ASAP Registration Session must leave the session registered full-time (at least 12 credit hours) and must maintain full-time enrollment status until graduation.

No, students interested in ASAP cannot be enrolled in another BMCC academic success program such as College Discovery (CD), BMCC Learning Academy (BLA), or Out in Two. Some exceptions are granted for students who are in YearUp and CUNY Edge.

There are exclusion to scholarships that ASAP students can receive such as the BMCC Presidential Scholarship and BMCC Foundation Scholarship. For additional information, please contact the ASAP Recruitment office at

Yes, students can view course offerings online and register for classes that work for their schedule. We offer, day, evening, weekend, and online courses.

ASAP Reserved Courses are courses that ASAP students take together. They are regular college courses and fulfil a graduation requirement.

We accept most majors at BMCC! The few exceptions are Respiratory Therapy Technology (RTT), Emergency Management/Paramedics (EMT), Undeclared Health/Nursing (UDH/NUR), or any major leading to Nursing.

After earning an Associate’s Degree, most students transfer to a senior college to complete their Bachelor’s degree, which will take approximately two additional years. Students have transferred to CUNY, SUNY, and private colleges including NYU, Columbia University, and Cornell University!

Yes, students have the option to drop or withdraw a class. You can do so electronically on your CUNY First account or in-person at the Registrar’s office. When doing so, it is important to consider how this may affect financial aid, enrollment status, and tuition. Students should always speak with an advisor before dropping a class.

New York City Residency refers to individuals who have lived in New York City for at least 12 consecutive months and who meet some additional requirements. Students who are considered New York City Residents are eligible to receive a lowered tuition rate known as “in-city tuition”. All ASAP students must receive in-city tuition rate. New York City Residency must be confirmed through the college Registrar’s office. Students living in New York State but not New York City, for example Long Island or Westchester, must submit an additional B-81 form to receive in-city tuition rate.

Yes! We love engaging with the families of ASAP students and are continuously hosting programs to ensure that you have the information you need to support student success.

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