Meet the Staff

ASAP staff are a dynamic group of professionals who proudly reflect the diversity of New York City. We are committed to seeing our students succeed and advance to new heights. From admission to graduation, we are here to guide and celebrate our students as they achieve their goals.

Leadership and Administration

  • Deanne Southwell, Executive Director
  • Ray Bartholomew, Director of Advisement
  • Kristin Bennett, Associate Director of Advisement
  • Gerard Cole, Associate Director of Advisement
  • Keshia Johnson, Associate Director of Advisement
  • Michael Petri, Associate Director of Recruitment and Collaborative Strategies
  • Karine S. Doyle, Associate Director of ASAP and Math Start, CUNY in the Heights
  • Cindy Veras, Program Coordinator

Recruitment and Retention

  • Beth Cooperman, Career and Employment Specialist
  • Akela Monroe, Recruitment Coordinator
  • Ann Lo, Financial Aid Specialist
  • Therry Georges, Financial Aid Coordinator
  • Denessa Reid, Program Engagement Coordinator
  • Edward Perez, Database Specialist

ASAP Advisors

  • Jade Powell
  • Jodi Shydlo
  • Sherrell Holderman
  • Joanne Jaquez
  • Mercedes Brazier-Thurman
  • Tom Huang
  • Wayne Carey
  • Tracey Wheeler
  • Ahmed Wing
  • Ainsworth Brown
  • Anny Garcia
  • Josephine Pujols
  • Kalvin Wilson
  • LaToya Dubery
  • Cheyenne Bascoe
  • Christan Cassidy
  • Linda Sookhoo
  • Abraham “Will” Cherrin
  • Gia Blackwell
  • Lewis Brown
  • Marco Alverio
  • Marlena Scott
  • Sheryl Love
  • Christina Cross
  • Colette Hunt
  • Natasha Apanah
  • Nathaniel Palmer
  • Quinnetta Younge
  • Renard John-Finn
  • Sharon Marazzo

Office of Academic Affairs
Organizational Chart

199 Chambers St, Room S-715
New York, NY 10007
Phone: (212) 220-8320


Office Hours:
9 a.m.-5 p.m