Research Core Facilities

BMCC’s core facilities provides support for the college’s academic programs and serves as a vital resource for the enhancement of instruction, learning and research for students and faculty. The facilities allows students to experiment with cutting-edge technologies and obtain first-hand knowledge of working in a research lab.

There are two separate tissue culture rooms; microscopy, molecular biology, genetics, microbiology, organic synthesis, robotics, zoology, plant physiology, neuroscience, vibrational spectroscopy and other basic scientific research.

  • Biology and Chemistry Laboratories: Rooms S-643, N-677/N-685, N-685A, N-685C, N-685D, and N-685E
  • Tissue Culture Rooms: Rooms N-560 and N-685B
  • Engineering and Physics Laboratories: Rooms N-681 and N-683
  • Research Core Computer Laboratory: Room N-690
  • Social Sciences Research Laboratory: Rooms S-633

The BMCC Research Core Facilities follow strict health and safety health and safety guidelines.

Visit the ResearcCore Facilities Forms page to review required documents needed by faculty and students attempting to conduct research on campus. You can also find the various laboratory access request forms on this page.

Core Student Research Facility Personnel

  • Ayat Agha, Research Core Laboratory Manager
  • Michael Spath, Environmental Health and Safety Officer and Campus Risk Manager