Sociology (A.A.)

The Social Sciences, Human Services and Criminal Justice department offers a program in Sociology leading to an associate in arts degree. This program offers a comprehensive general education preparation, as well as a solid foundation for continuing on to a four-year institution to pursue a bachelor’s degree in sociology.

Sociology is the scientific study of society. It is a social science that studies social interactions and social structures, as well as stability and change in social life. It considers how social relationships influence individual behavior, and how societies (the sum total of those relationships) develop and change over time. Sociology covers everything from the analysis of brief, wordless contacts between strangers on a train to the rise of social movements and of global, socio-technological processes.

Applied sociology uses the “sociological imagination” to analyze and address problems in human behavior and society; such efforts include urban planning and community organizing.


Students who major in sociology tend to work in fields that deal with people; these professions include working in education, counseling, community organizing, law, marketing, social services, and non-profit organizations.

Transfer Options

BMCC has articulation agreements with several four year colleges to allow you to seamlessly continue your education there.

Academic Program Maps

Required Common Core

Flexible Core

Curriculum Requirements

Sociology Electives
SOC 300
Sociology Capstone
Sociology Electives1
XXX xxx
Liberal Art Electives
Total Curriculum Requirements
Total Program Requirements

1 Choose 2 social science courses from the following disciplines: anthropology, economics, geography, history, human services, philosophy, political science or psychology.

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