Criminal Justice (A.A.)

In the Criminal Justice (CRJ) program you will find yourself in an academically stimulating environment, surrounded by highly committed and trained faculty. You will have guaranteed access to quality, yet affordable, college education at the heart of downtown Manhattan.

There is a dynamic Criminal Justice Student Club that meets weekly and holds numerous events, such as CRJ speaker series, a moot court, and related field trips across New York City. Finally we have an annual Career Information Fair for Criminal Justice students, and a comprehensive list of career planning services through the Career Development Center.

To help you succeed in your studies, we have an on-site childcare center, an Office of Veteran’s Affairs, peer tutoring and professional counselors at the Learning Center, and an Office of Accessibility to assist students with disabilities as well as many other student services.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), some of the positions within the field of Criminal Justice are expected to grow at a faster than average rate in the United States. For example, detective positions are expanding, and there is a projected growth of 21% by 2020. As a CRJ major there are several career paths available to you. Among many others, you could choose between opportunities in law enforcement agencies, corrections, parole or probation, forensics, the courts, firefighting, juvenile delinquency, or pursue a law degree.

With your A.A. Degree in CRJ, you will qualify for the following positions: New York City Police Officer, Corrections Officer, New York City Firefighter or Security Officer.

With a Bachelor’s Degree in CRJ, you will be eligible for employment as a New York State Parole or Probation Officer, Homeland Security Office, Private Investigator, ATF Agent, U.S. Marshal, Customs and Border Patrol Agent, Immigration and Customs Enforcement Officer, Drug Enforcement Agent or Criminologist.

Transfer Options

BMCC has articulation agreements with several four year colleges to allow you to seamlessly continue your education there.

The CUNY Justice Academy is a transfer-focused partnership that links the Criminal Justice A.A. Degree completed at Borough of Manhattan C.C. to Baccalaureate Degree Programs at John Jay College, provided that students meet academic requirements (GPA of 2.0 or above).

When you enroll at BMCC´s Criminal Justice Program you automatically receive dual admission into John Jay College of Criminal Justice. The first 60 credits of your college education are taken at BMCC, and your final 60 credits at the senior college. Once you satisfy BMCC’s degree requirements, you are granted automatic transfer into John Jay College.

Learn more about the CUNY Justice Academy

Academic Program Maps

Flexible Core3

Curriculum Requirements

XXX xxx
Modern Language Course
ENG 3xx
English Elective
LIN 250
Forensic Linguistics
XXX xxx
General Elective
Total Curriculum Requirements
Total Program Requirements



Please note, these requirements are effective the 2016-2017 catalog year. Please check your DegreeWorks account for your specific degree requirements as when you began at BMCC will determine your program requirements.

  1. Consult with an advisor on which courses to take to satisfy these areas.
  2. These areas can be satisfied by taking a STEM variant.
  3. No more than two courses in any discipline or interdisciplinary field can be used to satisfy Flexible Core requirements.

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