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The History program provides students with the knowledge and tools vital for thriving in an increasingly competitive global world. History is an ongoing engagement with individuals across a range of cultures, traditions, and ways of seeing. In addition, the study of History reveals to students that the questions and concerns of the past are often strikingly similar to those with which we wrestle today.

Goals of the History program include:

  • Familiarizing students with developments in politics, society, thought and culture of the past;
  • Demonstrating to students the extent to which contemporary institutions, ideologies, and cultures are the products of actions and initiatives undertaken in the past;
  • Compelling students to formulate arguments and actively stake out positions concerning the past;
  • Educating students to write, read, listen and speak critically and effectively;
  • Equipping students with an understanding of, and the ability to apply, the concepts and methods of the social sciences; and
  • Enabling students to collect, evaluate and interpret information, and effectively use information technologies.

Transfer Options

Upon successful completion of the requirements listed below, students earn an Associate in Arts (A.A.) degree. The program also facilitates transfer to a senior college, such as John Jay College of Criminal Justice, with 60 credits towards the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in Global History.

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Required Common Core

Flexible Core

Curriculum Requirements

History Sequence

Choose 1 of the following History sequences:

HIS 101
Western Civilization: From Ancient to Early Modern Times
HIS 102
Western Civilization: The Emergence of the Modern World
HIS 115
World History I
HIS 116
World History II
HIS 120
Early American History: Colonial Period to Civil War
HIS 125
Modern American History: Civil War to Present
HIS xxx
Program Electives1
HIS 275
History Research and Writing Methods
XXX xxx
Social Science or Ethnic Studies Electives
XXX xxx
General Electives


  1. Choose 9 credits from any history course with at least one course being non-western history.

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