Social Science Student Clubs

Clubs meet on Wednesdays, from 2-4 p.m. Contact the Office of Student Activities for the meeting location of a particular club or if you have any other questions.

Note: Not every club is active every semester–it depends on student interest and involvement.

Economics, Equality and Environment Club

The Economics, Equality and Environment Club is an academic club that aims to increase awareness about sustainability and responsibility on the Borough of Manhattan Community College campus through panel discussions, field trips, experiential and action learning opportunities of current local and global economic, social and environmental issues that affect life on Earth. The mission of the club is to educate and encourage students to be in action and more involved with economic, social and environmental issues focused around the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. (2017-18 CUNY Sustainability Student/Faculty Grant Award Winners for video project “Food Waste to Golden Compost on an Urban Campus”)

Visit the EEE Club page: for more information about upcoming events.

All links to join the club, sign up for club Zoom meeting, in-person club room, discord channel, instagram and more are available from

For more information, email or Professor Christine Farias at

Health and Wellness Club

The Health and Wellness Club is a student led organization dedicated to encouraging and supporting healthy lifestyle habits among the college community. Our members are passionate about creating an environment in which everyone can thrive, no matter their level of physical activity.

We provide students with resources, educational opportunities, and activities related to nutrition, exercise, stress management, mental health awareness, and more. Through our initiatives and events we strive to foster an atmosphere of understanding and support for one another that strives towards building healthier individual lifestyles. The club also works hard to promote overall health literacy on campus by providing workshops, guest speakers, programs about new developments in the field of healthcare, as well as interactive activities related to fitness and wellness topics.  We hope that by engaging in healthy habits and practices, BMCC students can lead more successful lives in and beyond college.

For more information, contact Professor Anika Thrower at

Human Services Club

The Human Services Club provides students with the opportunities to network and engage in community, trainings, education, and service activities, amongst friends.

For more information, email Professor Marcelino Guillen at

Social Media: Facebook-Human Service Club #BMCC

Neuroscience Club

he Neuroscience Club serves as an academic and social hub for students interested in the biological field of neuroscience. Our mission is to provide a platform for our members to explore their interests, engage with peers, and make meaningful connections throughout their program at BMCC. We offer a variety of activities such as student-led neurological seminars, visits to medical facilities and research labs, opportunities to assist faculty in emerging research projects, and much more. Through these events participants will learn about relevant topics within the field while gaining experience in team work and collaboration. The club also provides resources for students who are considering pursuing careers related to neuroscience or associated fields such as psychology or biochemistry.

For more information, email or Professor Joanna Giza at

Social Media: Instagram: bmccneuroclub

Political Science Club

The Political Science Club provides students with an array of opportunities to engage in meaningful political discourse and activities. We strive to create a welcoming and inclusive learning environment for members of all backgrounds and beliefs, as well as foster a sense of community among our peers. Our mission is to empower the student body by teaching the fundamentals of democratic processes, exploring current events from an international perspective, and advocating for social change through non-partisan activism. We believe that every individual has the ability to make a difference in their own lives and society at large.

We offer various avenues to get involved, such as hosting bi-monthly meetings discussing relevant topics within government, organizing educational seminars with guest speakers, participating in voter registration campaigns, attending protests, and more. Through these activities, we strive to provide our members with the opportunity to become active citizens, not just in BMCC but on a global scale. We strongly believe that political education is an essential step towards bettering our society.

For more information, email Professor Peter Bratsis at

Pre-Law Society

The Pre Law Society is an organization dedicated to guiding students interested in pursuing a career in law. The society offers valuable insights into the legal field and provides essential resources to help prepare for law school admissions. Our mission is to provide guidance and support for both current college students aspiring to attend law school, as well as recent graduates who are actively seeking admission. Through our comprehensive network of resources, members gain access to advise from legal professionals, practice tests, mock interviews, and more.Being part of the BMCC Pre Law Society means having access to invaluable tools that can help make the path toward attending law school smoother and more attainable.

For more information email Professor Richard Naughton at

Psychology Club

The Psychology Club provides a unique opportunity for students to explore the various aspects of psychology in an engaging and supportive environment. Our club members have access to numerous resources, including faculty-led lectures, hands-on activities and workshops, as well as networking opportunities with peers who share a passion for psychology.

Our club seeks to provide students with the skills needed to further their academic pursuits, whether that be through research projects or internships. We strive to create an atmosphere where everyone can express their thoughts, ideas and experiences in order to gain new perspectives on psychology. With the support of our faculty advisors and volunteers from the community, we are able to provide students with the educational tools necessary for success.

In addition to our academic resources, the BMCC Psychology Club also offers members a variety of social activities, such as movie nights and field trips. These events provide an ideal opportunity for students to build relationships with their peers in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Through our club, we hope to establish a community of individuals who are inspired to pursue excellence in psychology.

Faculty Advisors: Christina Oney and Masha Komolova

Social Media: @BMCCpsyclub2021

For more information, contact