Psychology (A.A.)

The Social Science, Human Services and Criminal Justice Department offers a major in Psychology which will lead to an Associate in Arts degree. The program will enable students to transfer into Psychology programs at senior colleges. It will also prepare students for a competitive and evolving job market.


Careers include clinical psychologist, school psychologist, forensic or industrial/organizational psychologist. Other possibilities include social worker, chaplain, market researcher, art therapist or special ed teacher.

Transfer Options

BMCC has articulation agreements with several four year colleges so that you can seamlessly continue your studies there.

Academic Program Maps

Required Common Core

Flexible Core2

Curriculum Requirements

PSY 240 Developmental Psychology 3
PSY 250 Child Psychology 3
PSY 230 Psychology of Personality 3
PSY 260 Abnormal Psychology 3
PSY 265 Research in Psychology 3

Choose 9 credits from the following:

SOC 100 Introduction to Sociology 3
ANT 100 Introduction to Anthropology 3
XXX xxx Liberal Arts Elective 3
XXX xxx General Electives 6
Total Curriculum Requirements 30
Total Program Requirements 60

1 These credits can be satisfied by taking STEM variants in the Common Core.
2 No more than two courses in any discipline or interdisciplinary field can be used to satisfy Flexible Core requirements.
3 Students are strongly advised to take PSY 100.

Please note, these requirements are effective the 2017-2018 catalog year. Please check your DegreeWorks account for your specific degree requirements as when you began at BMCC will determine your program requirements.

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